Internship opportunities are available through CrossFit Spokane Inc. for college students pursuing a career as a strength coach, personal/group trainer or gym/fitness business owner. Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree, or junior/senior standing in Exercise Science or related field, and have successfully completed the following prerequisites or equivalent: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Evaluation and Measurement, Adult CPR and Human Nutrition.

Under the supervision of our experienced, trainers and coaches, students will be directly involved with CFS’s strength and conditioning program including evaluation, program design and movement  instruction, as well as administrative duties.  : athletes, overweight, young, old, high school, college,

During your internship you will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people. You will work with and coach middle school, high school, collegiate athletes, overweight, young, old and everyday people in the following areas of performance enhancement:

□ Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Drills

□ Muscular Imbalance and Range of Motion (ROM) evaluation

□ Core Stabilization and Strength techniques Olympic Lifting

□ Plyometric Training

□ Anaerobic and Aerobic Conditioning

□ Agility Training (multi-directional)

□ Speed Development (linear and lateral)

□ Strength Training

Part-time and full-time internship opportunities are available during the fall and winter/spring semesters and the summer. Student interns should be committed to the profession of strength and conditioning.
Please email us for more information and our internship application.
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Past Interns

My internship experience at CrossFit Spokane has been an undeniably beneficial experience. Coming into it I wasn’t really sure what to expect but coming out at the end of the summer I realize that my expectations were far exceeded. I was challenged both mentally and physically with the workouts but more importantly I was taught how to become confident as a trainer. After the first couple of weeks I was put right into the teaching position where I would train full classes and sometimes come up with the workout program that was taught. You can’t normally get that kind of experience as a student intern. I learned a lot about body mechanics and preventative exercises as well as strength and conditioning program design among other things. The multiple facets of things that you learn in the program are not normally found all in one place and I would recommend the internship program for anyone pursuing a degree in health and fitness!

Cassady Gardner

George Fox University Women's Soccer