Wednesday, January 31

Be thankful

CrossFit Fallujah

Be thankful that you have your family your health and your freedom. There is a soldier far away making sure you have these rights.


For time

-broad jump 60ft in as few jumps as possible

Diane modified


225lb deadlift

handstand pushups

run 400m in between

Sunday, January 28

Go Heavy

Anton and Jeff, father and son, go at it head to head. In the end, Anton had the best time of the day for the workout on Saturday.

For total weight (CrossFit Total)
1 rep max on squat
1 rep max on deadlift
1 rep max on shoulder press
do as many sets as needed per lift and take the best weight from each


Alisha resting after a hard run.
Rest and be ready for Monday

Saturday, January 27

The picture says it all

Ellen getting ready for some wallballs.
For time (4 rounds)
15 bears (clean, front squat, push press,back squat, push press)=1 rep
15 pull ups

Wednesday, January 24

OHS contest just for fun

This is Nicole from CrossFit HQ in CA. doing a perfect overhead squat with 95 lbs during a contest. She won the contest with 25 reps straight at a body weight of 110 lbs. Check out crossfit .com for the video
In as few sets as possible and for time
75 reps of OHS w/ PVC, 45lbs or 95lbs
This will be extremely challenging if you really push yourself.

Tuesday, January 23

It's going to be a tough day

Look at Teresa doing an overhead squat for her warm up. This is one of the best core training and functional training exercises you could do for all around physical development.
For time (4 rounds)
20 squat thrusters w/20lb,30lb or 40lb dumbbells
20 box jumps or step ups w/ jump off 20 in box (red one)
20 kettlebell or dumbbell swings W/ 20lb,35lb or 53lb KB or DB

We are having a "ball"

Here is Phil practicing with the 175lb stone for the first time. He made it look too easy and this was after a hard deadlift workout. He did two stones five times on box. It was a lot of fun.

For time (4 rounds)
run 400m or row 1/2 mile
20 GHD sit ups
20 back extensions
10 push ups

Saturday, January 20

A great week

It has been a good week. We had several new people stop in, some clients set new records, we got a few new things in the gym, we had some family stay with us and it snowed. I hop everyone had a great week as well and I hope next week is just the same.



Snowy Saturday

Angela, Jena and Tiffany do a spinn class onnthe snowy Saturday afternoon.
For time (Kelly jr.)
3 rounds
-run 400m
-30 wallballs
-30 box jumps
after the last set run 1 more 400m for a total of 1mile

Thursday, January 18


Here is Angela during a tough workout, what do you think she is doing?

For time
-20 pullups
-20 GHD situps
-20 OHS pvc/45lb/95lb
-20 ring pushups (reg. or on knees)
-20 half-moons 10lb/14lb/20lb med ball
-20 GHD back ext.
sprint 400m (1 lap) or row 1/2 mile (.5)
"Must Love Pain"

Tuesday, January 16

Fight night

This is Chris and Dave preparing for the first ever Medical Lake Fight Night which was held on Tuesday night @ 18:30. It was alot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (including the mothers of the fighters). The fight was a draw, there will have to be a second.

Your choice (for time)
row 3 miles
run 2miles

Monday, January 15

Must Love Pain

This is Ashley. She and her mother Lori started two weeks ago. They are very dedicated and a whole lot of fun to have in the gym.

For time (with 10,20 or 30lb BD)
run 800m
9 jumping squat thrusters, 9 pull ups
run 600m
15 jumping squat thrusters, 15 pull ups
run 400m
21 jumping squat thrusters, 21 pull ups

Saturday, January 13


These are a couple of pictures of our gym. On average we have about 4 -5 people in here at a time, on busy real busy days we've had as many as ten at once.

We got balls

These are the newest peice of eqipment we got (two 175lb stones) and many more to come. I hope to have a 150lb stone by the end of the week.


Fight Gone Bad

This is our oldest daughter Kayla (6yr old). She got third highest score out of about 16 people who did it today on Fight Gone Bad with 245 pts.
3 rounds (modified FGB/30 sec. at each station)
WB 10-20 lb ball @an 8ft target
Row for reps
Boxjumps 16in box

Wednesday, January 10

Burpee Love

Phil and Connie joined us tonight for there first complete workout. They both did awesome and we look forward to many more.


5 rounds (for time)

20 burpees

10 ring dips

row 1/2 mile

Tuesday, January 9

Run and lift for your life

Here is Sue, happy, motivated and ready to work hard everytime she comes into the gym.
4 ROUNDS ( for time)
Run 400 m
10reps 225# deadlift

Monday, January 8

strength day

This is Anne. She has been with us for a month or so and she is an animal. Definitely one of the hardest working people at the gym. Here she is able to touch her toes after a few weeks of CrossFit. She's awesome.


Your choice

30 reps of shouldering the 175lb stone (15 each shoulder)


5 sets of 3 repmax deadlift and 3 repmax push press

Sunday, January 7

Test yourself

Derek (a 6am regular) working hard and ready to be sick. "GO Derek"


21/15/9 (for time)

95lb push press

pull up

run 400m

We will be using this as a bench mark for the people who have been with us for a while and a starting point for the new members (scaled if needed).

HOT girls of CF Spokane

We have been gone for a few days in the mountains having fun with family and friends. This is Angela (owner of CF Spokane) and Jeanette (a regular at the gym) getting ready for a ride.

Wednesday, January 3

Janette doing a wonderful front squat after a long time away for the holiday. YOU GO GIRL
20 GHD
400M RUN

Tuesday, January 2

4 rounds -for time
30 jumping pullups
30 jumping dips
10 front squats
This wasn't a favorite for anyone today.

Monday, January 1

Is this right daddy?
Teresa, our very first client. She has been with us since we were in our garage. Look at her run, she thought she would never be a runner.