Friday, February 25


The Summer is coming which means kids camps will be sprouting up. If you are thinking about sending junior to a speed, agility and quickness camp, you may have not asked yourself one question; is this the best for junior? It's almost criminal that SAQ facilities charge the parents who send their children to these camps and program without knowing some basic facts. Bottom line, this may not be the best for your kids upcoming athletic season or future.

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Video From The Week

Wednesday, February 23

Why Crossfit Has Ruined My Life

I found this article and thought it sounded like myself and probably a lot of others out there in the Crossfit community. Enjoy!:)

Why CrossFit Ruined My Cherie Chan of CrossFit Verve
Why CrossFit Ruined My Life:
Dedicated to Greg Glassman, the man that ruined my life.

My WHOLE life I searched for a fitness that I couldn’t explain. I was always active, always “healthy”. I was a vegetarian for 16 years, because it was “healthy”. I ran, biked, climbed, surfed and lived a relatively balanced and happy lifestyle. Then I found CrossFit and my life will never be the same....

Because of CrossFit, I will never eat Mung for dinner again (unless it's a cheat meal). Mung is a delicious mixture of re fried beans, peppers, onions, cheese, and salsa cooked in a crock pot on low. I used homemade tortilla chips for dipping, cuz they are healthier then the store bought ones, right?

Because of CrossFit, normal everyday people just don’t look the same. When you are constantly surrounded by CrossFitters your perception of human anatomy is skewed. Too skinny is weak and too strong is slow.

Because of CrossFit, I believe all people are capable of amazing physical feats, when they don’t produce, I take it personally and have no tolerance for laziness.

Because of CrossFit, I will never be alone. There will always be friends I should spend time with, athletes I need train and new people I want to get to know.

Because of CrossFit, I may look amazing naked, however,damned if I can fit into normal girl clothes. Put me in yoga pants and I’ll knock your socks off. Send me on a mission to find a dress, pair of jeans or a feminine top and I’ll come home defeated. My wardrobe will forever consist of 90% t’shirts.

Because of CrossFit, I will spend at least half of my waking days lurking on websites, watching, learning, getting pumped up and being inspired. will be the first site I look at every morning and the last before bed. Why am I mesmerized by people working out. Damn you CrossFit.

Because of CrossFit, my hands will never be soft and silky. They will forever remain rough and coarse. They have become hands of capacity and are not for looks or ginger caressing.

Because of CrossFit, I will never be able to separate my health and fitness again. They will always be joined as one, interlocked in an intimate marriage of understanding. I have no excuses.

Because of CrossFit, people think I work out all day, deprive myself of sinful pleasures and am generally unfun (because their definition of fun has become so incompatible with mine)!

Because of CrossFit, I will never be satisfied with my fitness. There will always be something to achieve, something to try and something to “get better at”, nothing I can't do!

Has CrossFit ruined your life?

Tuesday, February 22

Your Progress

John working hard on a single arm overhead sit-up.

If your not continually making progress year after year you might want to question your programing or workout routine. Have you been at the same weight or time on a specific movement or event? Granted the higher level of fitness and strength you are the smaller and slower the gains will be, but there should still be gains and improvements coming.

For the young/novice lifters, crossfitters or athletes the progress should be huge the first few months and years. Basically if you don't workout any activity done constantly will yield some improvement and any bone head can put something together and see improvement for an untrained person, but the real sign of a good program is improvement year after year regardless of the level. Our athletes are continually make huge gains year after year, so where are yours at?

Videos from the week

Brian knocking out 305lbs for 8 solid reps and he makes it look easy.

Tyler squating 225lbs for 30reps.

Sunday, February 13

What To Do On Friday Night? OPEN GYM $49

We have an open gym time on Friday nights from 530pm-730pm. This is perfect for those of you who want to do your own thing, train on your own or if you train elsewhere that may not be set up to do everything you want.

One night a week of "Functional Training", bands and chains or heavy odd object lifting would compliment just about any program, athlete or person serious about training. We have just about anything you would need, also we can offer you some guidance on what to use or how to best implement what we have into your personal program.
Open gym is Friday nights 530pm-730pm
$49 per month

How go you spend your Friday nights?

Friday, February 11

Personal Progress

We are the BEST and most complete training facility in Spokane.
Motivated and intense

Our GU gals can do some amazing things. They are awesome to train and work with. Very coachable, as any good athlete should be. Thanks ladies we appreciate you.

Check out Zach, tonight is the first time EVER he has been able to touch his toes w/ the basic hurdle stretch.

Also we are are a few weeks away from him being able to dunk a basketball, he is ssooo close. Check back, we'll keep you posted.

John is simple amazing.

The progress he has made even astounds me. I swear we have added a least five-ten productive and active years to this mans life in just a few months of training with us. Just ask him. I wish I had videoed his first time in w/ us you would be amazed at where he is at today compared to then. He is a different person.

A Friday night at CrossFit Spokane (tonight).

Wednesday, February 9

The Right Formula

Good full ROM.

How do you maximize your gains of strength and power or your lose of fat and inches; with balance? I don't mean standing on one leg or doing balance beam training, I mean finding the right formula or balance of exercise, rest/recovery and nutrition; each one of these within themselves has to be balanced as well. However, this would be ridiculously long if we were to get into the weeds too much, so just some general guidelines and ideas for you.

First, what is your goal or objective: fat lose, strength/power gain or a specific event or contest. This matters because it will lay the ground work for everything else mentioned.

Once you have decided your goal, nutrition is the single biggest factor and the base for which we work from; without sound nutrition you'll just be spinning your wheels and will waste time, energy, money and eventually get frustrated and potentially injured. Nutrition is also the hardest part for most people to figure out and stick with, so don’t get too frustrated.

The types of exercise do make a difference when it comes to reaching a specific goal. An easy way to figure how you should be training is to ask a competent professional or if you are doing it on your own you can find a similar person or athlete and train in a similar manner. I’m not saying do exactly what they are doing, but do similar movements and use the same energy systems they are. For example if you want to look like a marathon runner you should do mind-numbing amounts of aerobic training and spend the majority of your time in the oxidative pathway. If you would like to look more like a 400m sprinter or a professional basketball player you may want to spend more time doing anaerobic exercises with a little bit of aerobic training. And, if you want to look and perform like Pat and Tyler you use variety of training modalities (CrossFit).

Definitely a high level of focus and intensity. Awesome guys

Finally, we have rest and recovery; this is when we grow and improve physically. If you constantly train hard and don’t allow proper recovery you will fail; in one way, shape or form your body will make you stop training. You could see this in your performance, mental feeling, and soreness and if you’re not careful you will be forced to stop by injury. There is a fine line between the perfect amount and too much and in a perfect world with the perfect program you would skate that line and never go over.

Bottom line; be smart about your training and reaching your goals, if you have been doing the same thing for years with no improvement then I would ask you, “Why”. There is a formula right for you that have to be figured out in order for you to meet your health, fitness and performance goals. If your formula is off you won't get the result you want.


Videos From the Week

Janessa getting 275 for 3 reps.

This is 25lbs more than her last ONE rep max and she did it 3 TIMES.

What is she doing?

M/W GU class warm up.

30sec at each station; Bear Crawls, 1/2 DOT Drill and Ring Rollouts


Fight Gone Bad for St. Jude

Sat. Feb 26 2011 at 10am

(Location) CrossFit 509

You can Donate or register online Here

I would like to send some people to support this; it's for a great cause and good for our community, so if you are interested we have sponsorship/donation forms at the gym. Basically, you find someone to sponsor you to participate in the event. You could do a lump sum ($5, $10, $50...) or ($.25, $.50, $.75 or $1.00) for each point you get. If you have any questions ask Mike or call CF 509.