Tuesday, November 27

The Word

Angela giving some pointers.

Phillip and Connie in their new CrossFit sweatshirts. They look cool.

TR working on his L-sits. "Get your toes up."

The word about CrossFit is finally starting to get out in our area and on Fairchild AFB. It seems that some of the higher up on base have taken notice of CrossFit which is AWESOME. I've been trying to get people involved and take notice for about 1 1/2 years as an alternative to the standard issue Air Force PT. If any of you have been through one of these grueling workouts you will know that it's about as hard as our warm up and I don't know for sure, but I'm sure that no one has ever gotten any great fitness or health benefits from AF PT. Maybe if they were in such bad shape or so under trained that any physical stimulus would bring improvement or if they were post rehab or about 90 yrs old. Even then CrossFit would still be better just because any of these people still have to lift, squat, press, walk/jog/run or just live life in which case, just happens to be what we do at an intensity level appropriate to challenge that person.

Thank you to all our members and friends who have been helping us spread the CrossFit word . We love you and appreciate everything.

Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving

Brian getting warmed up. Damn strong for a skinny guy.

John post workout. Doesn't he look happy to be here.(He loves it)

It's been a good week here at CrossFit Spokane. We have seen several new faces, set some new gym records and as always had some killer workouts and a whole lot of fun. Early in the week we had a visit from Grant who works out at Mt. Baker CrossFit, it was good to see him again and will return some time mid December. He brought in a Friend Brian who is a good dude, who in turn brought in John who is full of intensity which what we want here. Some good news in the gym is that TR was one of 4 out of 400 to get a job with Spokane Valley Fire Department during this last tryout (the top 1%). Unfortunately next week we will have to say good by to Matthew Heath who has been PCS'd to another base (SUCKS) we will miss him around here. I hope everyone has a great Turkey day. Be safe and God Bless.

THURSDAY (Thanksgiving)-CLOSED
FRIDAY- OPEN 5pm-8pm

Tuesday, November 20

Gym Records

Christmas getting set for a max attempt.

Garth hit a new PR on CrossFit Total with 905lbs and a PR in the dead lift of 415lbs.

Derek has the gym record for CrossFit Total with 915lbs. He did go below parallel.

There are a couple of new ideas for the gym I have been tossing around.

-Breakdanceing classes, which if you have never seen or tried, it's a very intense workout (checkout the video link). These will begin after the New Year.

-Parkour training, to be offered 1-2 days a week this winter while its cold and snowy outside.

-CrossFit training on Fairchild AFB, two days a week on Tue and Thur. mornings 05:30-06:30 I'm trying to work this out right now. It should be about $40-$45 a month (compare that to a personal trainer).

-Free CrossFit Training, Beginning the New Year I would like to offer free training to about 10 middle school and high school age kids who are overweight or obese. Skip Chase form Mt. Baker CrossFit is doing this and it seems to be going very well. It would be awesome to have a positive impact on a young persons life and what better time then the New Year to begin. More specifics to come.

If anyone would be interested or you know someone who might be pass this on or please let us know.

Don't forget to tell everyone you talk to about CrossFit, spread the word for all to hear.

Thursday, November 15

The holiday

Derek and Christmas two of our newer clients. They are good people and good to have working out here because they both seem to set the bar for everyone else

With all the holidays coming up it more important now that you stay active and keep up a good diet. It's SO easy to fall off the wagon and hurt all the progress you have made. With the New Year approaching now is a good time to start working on those resolutions that unfortunately all too often fail, so start planning and get going. If you need help with the exercise part then you in the right place. Come and give us a try before you get sold to a shinny BIG BOX gym.

To all our members thank you.

Monday, November 12

Thank a soldier

John doing some windmills with the 30lb stone. He will one day do this with the 150lb stone.
KT taking a breath during Fight Gone Bad. This was her first FGB.

The board from our Saturday workout. We had people choose between as many of the HERO workout's as they wanted to do to honor our Veterans.

Brooklyn attempting her first pullup. She can hang from the bar for several seconds, but can't seem to get the pullup.

I have been talking with a guy I know who is really into breakdancing and he has someone who would be inerested in teaching some classes here sometime after the New Year. If you are interested or know someone who may be contact us, so we could get an idea of how many people might be interested.

Friday, November 9

The CrossFitter

Matt and Matt are praying that they make it through the workout on Halloween.

Carlos working on his L-sits. He always comes in and works hard and is great to workout with.
Lindsey and her husband Tyler are two of our newer clients. Here is Lindsey doing dips and below Tyler working on power cleans (see the video).

Each week we get calls asking what CrossFit is all about and just like all the other affiliate sites, we tell them it's short duration and high intensity work using functional type movements, not machines. Bottom line it's hard work and your going to love it and see results or hate it and never come back, but you have to try it to appreciate it. No one ever asks what kind/type of people do CrossFit. I'll get asked how much costs before they even ask what we offer or how we can benefit them. The type of people we have as members aren't afraid to work hard - try something new - feel a little uncomfortable - get a couple of calluses - they recognize the value in what CrossFit offers - want to be apart of a team/community - are tired of shinny big box gyms who don't know their name nor care to know - they are willing to pay a little more for a gym with no machines and no cardio room but who does care that you show up, work hard and make progress. It's hard to believe that more people in our area aren't taking advantage of CrossFit. With the rising fat and diabetes problem in America and the fact that people will go to a gym for years and not see one single change in health, fitness or performance, but will see a change in their bank account when the monthly payment is taken out because of an two or three year contract they were sold into, I am totally surprised that people aren't betting down the doors of all the CrossFit gym world wide. Your average person will spend good money on a fancy home machine or a anti-fat pill before seeking out quality training (not shinny big box training/membership), WHY? I'm venting right now, can you tell? If you have ever wondered about CrossFit get in and do it - if you have been going to a gym and haven't seen any changes go to or start doing CrossFit - if you don't know where to start for exercise don't waist time or money, go to any CrossFit - if you want someone to genuinely glad to see you come in to work out go to any CrossFit. We love fitness and want to see you succeed.

To all our members and fellow CrossFitters thank you and God bless.