Saturday, May 30

2nd Park WOD And A New Titans Class Format

Thank you all for showing up at the 2nd Park WOD of the year again over at Corbin Park. As you can see from the picture, we had a great turnout (several people had already left before I remembered to take a pic). It was a lot of fun, very hot, had some new coordination and accuracy exercises introduced to the group (and also to myself) and overall was just a really enjoyable way to start the weekend. Enjoy the awesome weather this weekend everybody and get ready to start all over again on Monday!!!! And in case you hadn't notice, the Blogger-wide problems with the link colors seem to be fixed, so that hard to read blue is finally gone!!!!! Life is good in computer land:)

Also, expect to see some changes, or should I say some additions, to the Titans Class on Sundays. In keeping with our goal to constantly throw new things at you and give you the most versatile and functional training as possible, we are going to be throwing some new things at you in addition to the normal heavy lifting that we do during that class. But it is still the Titans Class, so most of these new things are going to be heavy:) The focus will still be on the normal heavy lifts, so try and make sure to show up on time and get after your warm-up without delay so we can start quickly and have enough time for the "extras":) GET SOME!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29

Last Minute Notice For Saturday Park WOD!!!

Sorry for the last minute notice, but the weather is too good to be true right now and we have to get out in it! So, tomorrow's Sat. WOD will once again be at Corbin Park. Make sure to bring some water, shades, and maybe a little sunblock and we'll see you all there at ten a.m.!!!!

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Thursday, May 28

Looks Like The Competition Is Heating Up In Here!

Well, we're about ready to wrap up another week here at CrossFit Spokane. And before we head into the weekend, I want to throw out some kudos to y'all. Here's what I have seen just in the past week and I can honestly say that it gets me pumped up!

Like the rest of you, I check out the WOD board everyday to see how y'all are doing. This week however I noticed something different. I noticed it with so many people that it really did jump out at me. Now you probably are thinking that the times were extremely good, and they were, but that's not it. What caught my attention was the increase in KB weight, the higher boxes being used, and the barbell weight increase. On Wednesday's WOD I notice (because we gave you a range of weight to choose from) that normally people that pick the lighter end were beefing it up! I can't tell you how much this excites us; as trainers, as competitors and also as friends of y'all. All in all, I just got the feeling that EVERYBODY decided to step it up.....again.

The Fire Fighter Recruits are now coming into the gym with a different swagger about them; instead of, "Oh ****, here comes the pain", they are now coming in with a look that says, "where's the Pain Train? I got a ticket and I don't want to miss it!" After an impressive first "Helen" that they did on Wednesday, we introduced them to what the muscle-up was an all of a sudden two of them knocked one out for the first time! Impressive! Several more are only moments away from getting one as well!

Several members have mentioned that they think they are ready to start tackling the Oly lift, the Snatch. Incredible lift which will give them so much in return.

Half a dozen of members on the Beginners Course have finished up with it and have joined the normal class WODs.....this is, as anyone can tell you, quite a good feeling. Congrats to you!

So all in all, things are shaping up to be quite an impressive summer here at CrossFit Spokane!

And make sure to tell Brayson good luck. In a week he is taking off for a little while to start his Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course. Once completed, he will start up class here at the gym. In case you don't know, Brayson has been kicking his own butt in addition to what we dish out to him in preparation for this's no joke. Besides the obvious teaching and technical skill portion of the course (which sounds tough enough), the fitness portion sounds brutal. Picture doing CrossFit WODs all day while getting in a fight between each one:) Drink water and bring Aspirin Brayson!!!:) Once Brayson completes the course, you will be seeing his link on our sidebar here on the sight. Until then check it out here.

And although everything up until this point has been positive, we are sad to report that Carrie has left us. We knew from the beginning that she would only be with us for a few months, but it still sucks:( Usually Carrie was a morning/noon CrossFitter, but if any of you had the privilege to workout with her, you know what kind of powerhouse she was. Carrie, do us proud at whatever affiliate you go to next and drop us a line/comment every now and then!!!

Tuesday, May 26

What is 100% ?

You all will probably recognize the above sign from our front door where we have it posted. I'm sure that you read it when it was first posted because it stood out, but when was the last time that you stopped to read it again? I read it everyday at my house. I have a copy of it posted above my sink where I am forced to read it every single day. And everyday I try to get the correct mindset before I head off to the gym to train, and also later when I am brushing my teeth at night. It's at this time that I get to evaluate my performance that day and look for any areas to improve and give a little bit more; usually there always is. But today was the first time in a long time that I reread it on the door of the gym as I was leaving, and I realized that I didn't give even close to what we ask of you everyday.

Today was "Barbara" and due to my schedule I was finishing up with it on my own. Now let me be honest with you, I wussed out:( Maybe because I was doing the WOD alone, maybe it was because I just didn't have "the fire" today, or maybe it was because I just didn't walk into the gym with the correct mindset this time. Whatever it was (probably all three), I wussed out and didn't give 100%. I was taking unnecessary breaks, day dreaming to the point that I wasn't focusing, and generally not pushing myself at all to feel that normal CrossFit WOD feeling; I might as well have been back in a Globo Gym:( As I finished reading the sign I knew that I had not effectively utilized my training time today.

Ever been there? We all push ourselves so hard every week that it's inevitable that we all will eventually have one of those days:( What I think is important is that when we recognize when one of these days occurs, we need to honestly accept that it happened, analyze why it occurred and what could have caused it, correct those things that caused it and then we need to brush it off. Just like that. Living a life of giving 100% everyday, we need to realize that sometimes we don't, but it's these days that will help us give even more the next day and get us back on track.

So today I looked at what happens which results in me giving 100% of myself inside of CrossFit Spokane so I can minimize days like today. Hopefully you can apply these to your gym prep to continue giving 100% Here's what I came up with (Please feel free to post more in the comments if you have any. What is your mindset? What do you think 100% entails?)

- First and foremost, I have doubt. Doubt because my sights are set on a goal that I may or may not achieve; 100% will be needed to achieve them.
- I feel nervous as I read the WOD because I know what kind of pain 100% effort entails.
- I identify my strengths/weaknesses for each component of the WOD.
- I visualize my performance of each exercise, round, set, etc. and how I will feel.
- I know that there will be moments when my brain will say "Stop!" and I can now prepare for these moments and prep myself to deal with them the way I want to.
- I remind myself that I have pushed through these moments in the past so there is no reason I can't do it now.
- I also remind myself that the mental and physical pain I am about to endure is only temporary and it will be over soon no matter how hard I push it (or don't).
- I remember how horrible it feels when I am laying there on the mats afterward and the only thought in my mind is now, "I could have pushed it harder! I am fine now! I could have pushed it harder!"
- I know that the human body is capable of so much more than what that darn brain tells us it is.

So what is 100%? I believe that a true, 100% effort is this: taking yourself to the very limits of your threshold and then trying to go a little bit further.....each and every time. 100% is attempting to reach your new potential, not the one you're comfortable with.

#6) "The Spartan fears only one thing: their workout. Everything else pales in comparison to the Spartan workout. If the Spartan doesn't fear the workout, then the Spartan probably isn't preparing to give it 100%."

Saturday, May 23

Awesome Memorial WOD Tribute!!!

Well, we ran the Fender Memorial WOD today and just like last year it was a great turnout. We not only had a slew of CrossFit Spokane Members show up, but were also graced by the presence of a handful of our friends from Crossfit CDA, CrossFit 509 and many service members from Fairchild. We also had several friends of friends who showed up and got their first Crossfit experience.....what a hell of a day to pick, eh? :) No worries though, it was a team effort and everyone did their part to complete everything as RX'd. Great job everyone!!! In case you were unable to make it, there is always next year; it really is a great time. Angela took most of the photos so I can't post any of them yet, but check back soon for some good pics.

All of the teams did exceptionally well and I think we all started the summer off right by getting some good tans....or at least some farmer tans:) Thank you to all who brought in some extra equipment, thanks to Jedi Garth for keeping track of all the teams, thanks to Kristen for supplying the music, thanks to Joe and Hailey for their hospitality at their house for the healthy cookout and social, and a big thanks to Mike and Angela for organizing/starting all of this. But more than anything, we would like to give thanks to Ellen for showing up; we are so glad you are a part of our family and we only wish we could do even more to honor you.

Lets also all remember why we get this 3 day weekend end each year. You all give us so much every time you step foot in the gym; the only thing we ask of you this weekend is to make sure to take a moment (wherever you are) and appreciate all that we are blessed with by living in such a great country and remember how lucky we are to always have men and women willing to do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

FYI. We will be open tomorrow (Sunday) for our normal Titans Class but we will be closed on Monday. Have a great Memorial weekend!!!!!

Thursday, May 21

2nd Annual Memorial Weekend WOD


Here's a quick reminder about this coming Saturday!!! Remember that we are holding our 2nd Annual Memorial WOD in honor of Army Cpl. Llythaniele Fender, 21, Medical Lake, Wash; assigned to 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Fort Lewis, Wash.; died June 10 in Lutifiyah, Iraq of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device.

4 man teams

2 mile ruck run

300 pull-ups

300 KB swings

300 push-ups

300 box jumps

300 wall balls


-2 members of the 4 man team must carry two KB's in two "Alice Packs" while running together.

-The 4 person team must run/ruck together (start/finish together).

-Only 2 of the 4 can do any of the "300 reps" at any given time (2 work 2 rest).

Also, following the WOD, we are planning on having a casual Potluck style BBQ. So, if you want to, bring some prepared stuff or sides and if you have anything to grill up we can get it done. I hope as many of you can make it as possible! We had a great turnout last year and the energy was through the roof. This WOD is a great way for our gym to honor those that help in the defense of our country and of our way of life.

Monday, May 18

Official Results!

The official results are now in for last weekend over in Seattle and I have to say once again how incredible you guys did! I hopefully have talked this event up enough by now to hopefully get some more of you interested for next year. If so, you probably are thinking about how you would do and what some of your weaknesses are? If this is the case, bring it up to us at the gym. We know that everyone is different and is at the mercy of the WOD board, and might not get their individual weakness worked on enough. Brandon sucks at Box Jumps, Mike despises the rower, Pat hates the Push Jerk, several of our girls are close to being muscle-up machines but are still at the cusp of perfecting them, etc. etc. Point is, everyone has that one exercise, but needs a little more work on it specifically to dominate it. So if you do, let us know and we can guide you on how to put in some extra time to turn it from your weakness to your specialty:)

Also, remember that we are having our Fender Memorial Team WOD this Saturday at 10. True it is an incredible WOD, but it also serves as an outstanding tribute to those heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the freedoms we enjoy every single day. We are trying to get an even larger turnout than last year and like always, if you have a friend or loved one that you think might enjoy coming by feel free to bring them. No worries about being new though, like always we will scale things as much as needed to make sure they can participate.

Sunday, May 17

Well, The Results Are In.....Almost:)

It's a good day of CrossFitting when you're forced to crawl for your water post-WOD.

Hey there CrossFit gang! We're all back from Seattle. If you didn't know, this weekend was the NW Regional Games Qualifier and we had 6 members of our "family" going up against the regions best in some wicked WODs! This was the first time any of us had ever been to a Games event and let me tell you was incredible!! Ask any of those who went how awesome the feeling was to do their CrossFitting surrounded by hundreds of screaming fans and competitors. It was such a pleasure to be there and only made me fall in love with the entire CrossFit community all over again. I am definitely going to be recruiting more of you to compete next year (or at least come to support others on. Also, thank you to those that were able to come out and cheer the others on).

It can't be said enough; it was such an awesome day! Still waiting on the official results to be posted, but I personally can't say enough about how proud I am of those that represented CrossFit Spokane. I want you all to know how hard these 6 pushed themselves. Everyone got PR's on the heavy lifts (some by a lot!!!) and the second WOD was attacked with such ferocity that I even thought Tyler and Pat would visit Pukie. Remember that goofy scenario a little while ago about pushing yourself so hard to the limits that you can't even add 2 + 2? I say no more:)

As soon as the results are in I'll post them. I took a lot of pictures and videos, but until I put together a compilation of them, here are some to hold you all over. Once again, great job CrossFit Spokane. You did an excellent job!!!

Some of our ladies being goofy before boarding the "Pain Train".

Jenni and Owen getting warmed-up.

Pat was killing the muscle-ups!

Easy day. (I like the onlooker's faces in the back:)

Great form Tyler!

Owen and Jenni (while riding the Pain Train)

Does anybody actually prefer Wall Ball Shots? They just suck, period. Especially after 150.

Owen pushed himself so hard that I thought I saw him almost pass out and fall over. Get some.

Great shot of the "jungle gym" contraption used for WOD#2. Hell of a lot different from the inside of an Oz Fitness:)

Pat supporting his wife Jaunessa as she pulls a heavy dead. Both of them pulled enormously higher new PR's!!! Great job!!!

Brooklyn just might have done more exercising on Saturday than anybody else by being her usual energetic self; now it's nap time.

Excellent full extension at the top Lindsey!!!

Most ladies used stacked plates to reach the rings on WOD#2. I'll give you one chance to guess which set of these was for Jaunessa:)

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day, and in case you didn't know, The NW Regional WODs Are Posted!!!!

Saturday's crew from our first Park WOD of 2009!!!!

Well, this weekend we had our first Park WOD of the year over at Corbin Park and it was a great one like always! Ask anyone who has ever attended a park WOD, it is so nice to change up the scenery, get some sun, and have that wonderful smell of grass all around you as you are in complete agony:) Thanks to those who showed up! That's what you really have to love about CrossFit; you can still get your butt kicked and train for elite fitness even with nothing around but a nice park, a few kettlebells, and some knowledge of true functional movements.

#4) So nature abhors a vacuum, so the Spartan loathes missing a workout. A Spartan can complete a workout in his grandma's basement, a hotel room, or in a city park.

Also, the NW Regional CrossFit Game WODs have been posted! I think they took most of us by surprise (I know I was expecting much different ones:) but they, like always, will no doubt leave everyone gasping for air and unable to perform simple addition (Anyone who has pushed it hard enough knows what I'm talking about. You're so gassed that you can't add 2 + 2:)

"Its....uh...(heavy breathing)'s, wait, (stumbling onto floor)....2's....wait (gasping, head spinning and eye squinting)....wait, wait, wait! Fran...damn I hate her!...wait, I....oh, man....what was the question!?"

Below are the WODs that our crew will be competing with this coming Saturday over in Seattle. There are quite a bit of ROM specifications and a complete explanation of how the events will be ran and scored on the NW Regional Site. Good luck to all the competitors and I'll be getting with each of you shortly to make sure you're on track for your week-out training prep.

WOD #1

CrossFit Total style (3 attempts at 1 Rep Max Wt.) of the following two lifts:
Clean and Press

WOD #2

5 Rounds of:
Muscle-ups (MEN-3/WOMEN-2)
30 Wall Ball Shots (M-2olb./W-12lb.)
6 SDHP (M-60k/W-40k) (132lbs./88lbs.)

Friday, May 8

First Park WOD of the Year! Yahooooo!!!!!!

Hey there everybody! As far as right now, we are still planning on having our first Park WOD of the year. The location is Corbin Park (Google Map Directions below) and is a pretty nice and long there probably will be some running:) Since we won't be at the gym, if you are anywhere in the beginner phase of your CrossFit training and was planning on attending tomorrow, don't hesitate to still show up at the park. Let me know about how far along in the course you are and we'll scale the WOD if need be. BUT!!!!!, please check the site again tomorrow morning before heading out to see if there has been a change in plans due to unexpected weather, etc. (just in case:). Otherwise, I'll see ya all at the park! Pray tonight for good weather tomorrow!!! - Brandon

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Monday, May 4

Please Have Patience With The Site:)

Hopefully this gets posted, but there is currently some Blogger-wide service problems that have been effecting the text/link color and/or not posting or mixing sections of posts within the site. Blogger has announced that they are working on the problem so hopefully it will be corrected soon. Until then, we ask that you please be patient with us:) Thank you very much from all of us here at CrossFit Spokane:) 3, 2, 1, GO!

"Where's The Fire?"

We just wanted to take a quick moment to wish those in our CrossFit "family" good luck this weekend up in Calgary. If you don't know, May 8th is the 3rd Annual "Where's The Fire?" Charity Adventure Race. It brings in firefighters from all over both Canada and the U.S. for a great cause! Good luck to all those participating!

Friday, May 1

Krav Maga Class Has Been Rescheduled!!!

Attention!!!!!!! Tomorrow's Krav Maga class has been rescheduled for a later date TBD. However, Brayson Buckner will be using the available time to still conduct a combatives-based "cardio" class that will run during 1-3. The 10 a.m. CrossFit class is still scheduled as normal. If you happen to be participating in Spokane's Bloomsday Race on Sunday, don't hesitate to still show up for a good Saturday class. Just let us know and we can tone down the WOD so it can be more of a "loosen up" day for ya and won't completely wreck you for optimal performance on race day:) Don't feel as though sitting around doing nothing the day before a long road race will help you. As someone with a past in long distance running, trust me, it's important to keep your body warmed up and ready for action....not moving at all the day before will not get you ready!!!:) So, like I said, come on out for our Saturday class and we'll have a toned down "pre-race" WOD for all you Bloomsday'ers!

Also, although it won't be tomorrow, we would like to start having our periodic Park WODs. We'll let you know when the first one will be (possibly next Saturday) and I would like to check out conducting one at Corbin Park which is very close to the gym. Attached below is a map to it so you can have a heads up when we eventually go there.

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