Monday, May 26


We thank the members of the Air Force Survival School for coming and supporting this event.
All 7 teams getting ready to start.
Total of 28 people.
Drop and give me 300.

Part of the group working hard.

Here is Derek, co-owner of CrossFit CDA who came to join us today. Yes, that is a broken foot and he somehow managed to do the entire workout with it!!To include box jumps and wall balls after going 2 miles on one leg. WOW!!!!

With a team of 4

2 mile run and ruck

300 pull-ups
300 KB swings
300 push-ups
300 box jumps
300 wall balls

-2 of the 4 man teams must carry the KB in a "Alice Pack" while running together.
-Only 2 of the 4 can do any of the "300 reps" at any given time (2 work 2 rest).

Today was our first annual Memorial Day HERO WOD "FENDER". If you weren't there you missed out on a great workout, a good time and a good opportunity to honor one of America's fallen HERO's. For me and many other people it was an emotional event and one CrossFit Spokane is grateful for. This day should be of remembrance and gratefulness of the hero's who payed the ultimate sacrifice and those who sacrifice everyday so you and I can do and say these types of things with freedom. Sometimes people may forget that, and only think of it as day off of work. Today, for me, it was more than a day off.

Thank you to the Fender family for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Everyone at CrossFit Spokane

Friday, May 23


June 10, 2007

While supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cpl. Llythaniele Fender, 21, of Medical Lake, WA died June 10 in Karbala, Iraq, of wounds suffered from an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Fort Lewis, WA.

Some comments of appreciation of his service and sacrifice.

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CleverLori 12 Jun 2007 5:32 PM
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of this young warrior.Cpl Fender, I thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You will be remembered as a True American Hero.My thoughts and prayers are with you, your loved ones, and all of our brave Ft Lewis soldiers and their families.God bless...~Clever Lori

12 Jun 2007 5:26 PM
My thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Cpl. Llythaniele Fender during this very difficult time . We are forever grateful for this Hero’s courage , service , and sacrifice for our Nation . We will never forget. . God Bless
Do your duty in all things . You cannot do more , you should never wish to do less .General Robert E. Lee

wvhusker 12 Jun 2007 6:00 PM
CPL Fender,Thank you for your willingness to defend the United States of America and her freedoms and interests. Your untimely death brings much sorrow and sadness to the hearts and lives of your family, friends, military brothers and sisters, each and every member of the Patriot Guard Riders, and all who truly appreciate their freedom. We are proud of your service and dedication in that which you believed in and fought for. Your mission is complete. You are truly an American hero and the world in which we live is a safer place because of your commitment to freedom. We will now proudly stand for you with honor, dignity, and respect. We pray that you will now rest peacefully in the arms of God. May He provide peace, comfort, and understanding to each life you touched.WVHuskerTom & KellyAshland, KYNE KY R/CUS Army, 1988 - 1998Operations Desert Shield/Storm
"Heaven Was Needing A Hero" (Jo Dee Messina)My personal thanks to HUDPatriotGuard for posting this on YouTube. May this touch your heart as it did mine. ~WVHusker

12 Jun 2007 7:04 PM
May God Bless and hold close the family and friends of Cpl.Fender in this most difficult time,we are so sorry for your loss,we will never forget you Cpl. Fender,we will always have you in our hearts and will forever be grateful to you for our freedom,rest well our hero you are with God now.

We at CrossFit Spokane thank you and your family for your ultimate sacrifice. GOD Bless.
We will be having a HERO WOD on Monday May 26 for Memorial Day at 10am. If you want to work out come at that time (feel free to bring friends and family). We will be having some of our local Air Force members join us as well.
All are welcome.
Memorial Day HERO WOD
It will be a challenge.
Be ready!

Saturday, May 17

A long time

Chris "The animal" doing some push ups. (FREAK)

Ellen doing some strongman training on our new yoke. We also have all your strongman needs :a log, stones, farmers handles, 120ft rope (truck pull) and kegs on the way.

"Master" Garth showing Kayla the slack line at a CrossFit Coeur d'Alene/CrossFit Spokane gathering.

KT's last WOD with us. She is moving NYC and will be training there.


If you are on the ZONE diet (nutrition plan) this board is for you. Look for comments and updates from your fellow CrossFitters on their performance and nutrition

It's been a while since our last post and w are sorry, we are trying to keep up with life. Since our last post we have had several new members join, but we are sad to lose our "Gonzaga Girls" to graduation, they have been with us for a long time and will be missed around here. We hope they find a CrossFit gym wherever they go (keep in touch).

At the end of next month we will be heading up Mount Adams and it's not too late to sign up and join us for a fun and challenging adventure. You can get the gear list at the gym.

In the very near future we will be switching to set class times rather than the open gym we have been running. It will most likely be a set class time time on the hour or half hour through out our normal business hours. This will make it easier for us to better coach and train our members as well as promote the group dynamics that CrossFit is known for. Look for more info around the gym in the next week or so.

Finally, we will be having set times to train if you have to bring your kids. We will have a time in the morning and a time in the evening . The kids have gotten a little out of hand and we have had some members complain (parents and non parents). There are times when we are focused on the kids (noise, fighting, SAFETY...) more than training our members and it is coming to a point where it is hurting our business and potentially someone in our gym.