Wednesday, September 26

Tire Torture

We had a birthday party for our youngest daughter,Brooklyn(who turned one!) last week and as I looked around the room at or friends we had invited they were all clients except for one couple. It made me smile to know that we have a great relationship with all our clients who come through our doors to be voluntarily tortured.

Monday, September 10

Picks from the week

Chandra learning the Dead Lift

Connie doing a great pull.

KT learning the Dead Lift.

Matt trying to out do me in the relay.

He didn't.

I spoke with a gentleman from out of town who is a CrossFitter and the conversation was like he was an old friend or something. It reminded me of how great our CrossFit community is. If I were to see some one in an airport with a CrossFit t-shirt on I would not hesitate to talk to that person because I already know what kind of person they will be, we have a unique relationship with all CrossFiters in the sense that we have all been there and experienced it. We are all extremely lucky to have that. Thank you to all of you.

Saturday, September 1


Tony doing some box jumps. "good hip extension"

Tony and Maria doing Dueling Sledgehammers

Angela letting out the frustrations from the week

Connie finishing up here walking overhead lung and pullup workout.

Our future CrossFiters Sophie and Brooklyn, they are so awesome.

There was one thing that I noticed this week from everyone who came in to work out this week, intensity. You could see it in the workouts and on everyones faces and as I thought about it I noticed that they are not only intense in the gym, but also in life. Each person seems to have the intensity that drive success, whether it be in school, family life, relationships, work or what ever. It seems to me that intensity , passion and drive are the commonalities in in anything successful. I see that in all our members, they all want to do well in their workouts. The intensity they have often gets me fired up to want to workout even when I'm not feeling up to it and we all need that sometimes. Thats the beauty of CrossFit, we have a great support group to get you through the days when you don't want to do the WOD, but you know you should. We have a great community and team THANK YOU TO ALL OUR MEMBERS.

I would like the welcome our newest members, Carlos and Charyl, to the CrossFit family.




The class will be about 2 hours with a workout at the end

We will be going over the 9 basic lifts
front squat
overhead squat
push press
push jerk
dead lift
sumo dead lift high pull
medicine ball clean