Wednesday, September 24

What are we consuming?

Ian doing some log presses, he is one of CrossFit Spokane's trainers you will see him on Thursday nights. He has some very challenging workouts.

John is new to us, here he is working on his dead lift. He will be leaving for the Navy in December.

Kevin from the Spokane SHOCK doing a rope tire drag during a WOD.

Mark and Jenny. "Let me help you with that honey."

Phillip doing a 3 rep max dead lift.

This guy speaks the truth!

Monday, September 22

It's been a while

Karen writes her game time and location on the board for all to see and hopefully attend. She had a game against GU this last weekend and was literally throwing the other players around. Thanks to CrossFit Spokane.

Kyle is training to beat the gym record of 12 muscle ups. Can he do it? Could you?

Matt drags the tire sled during our signature triple threat relay. It will make you cry in about 3-4 min.

Shane is one of our newest members. He is in the Air Force at Fairchild, so thank him for his service and welcome him next time you see him.

Tira is working on her strong women skills with the Yoke carry.

If anyone is interested we will be recruiting people to attending the Spokane SHOCK open tryout on October 11th It will be a lot of fun and it will give you a chance to test your skills at a professional football combine tryout. The cost is $50.00 preregistration or $75.00 at the door; it will be worth it. Sign up here:
The tryout
The playing surface for both tryouts is turf and prospective players are asked to dress appropriately with athletic shoes, shorts and a t-shirt; all other equipment will be provided by the Shock. The format of the tryout will be a pro-style combine. Players will run through the following drills: 1) vertical jump 2) shuttle run 3) 40-yard dash and 4) the broad jump. Select players may be invited to stay for position drills and scrimmaging.
Who is attending
As of now, Matt M, Carlos and myself will be trying out for the SHOCK. Matt played ball at UNLV, Carlos is a rugby player for life and I played college lacrosse and made an IFL team (Black Hills Machine) in 2000. I wonder if we have a chance now? What do you think?

Not sure if your ready for CrossFit Spokane, try some of this.

Monday, September 15

Fun Saturday

Post WOD GU law school chat.

Gabe says "I'm done".

Matt is trying hard to hold back the tears of pain. This isn't his first time doing this carry, flip, drag relay, he knew what he was in for.

Tony finished with 100% effort.

Kyle Young (pictured) and Ryan Blecher (SHOCK AFL2 ) both do a heavy farmers carry during their WOD. They are both looking to step to the next level and are prepping for workouts with a few AFL teams.

We had a great Saturday this last weekend. It was busy, people were working hard and having fun. We pulled out the heavy dumbbells, tire and sled for one of our favorite short, but intense WODs. If you haven't tried it you should give it a go and see how you stack up. We have a few variations, so anyone can do it.

In the last post we put a couple of links to some great articles that everyone should read, whether you are new or not. One was about Rhabdomyolisis and the other was about recovery from workouts (they are both eye openers) and are highly recommend. In case you didn't know, the recovery process from WOD to WOD is just as important if not more so than the WOD or the intensity of that WOD itself. What does that mean, YOU NEED TO RECOVER FROM EACH WORKOUT. More is not always better, anyone wanting to see favorable adaptations from physical activity or training needs to find the right balance of: frequency, intensity and volume with recovery scheduled in to allow your body to adapt to the stimulus you impose on it. DA!
If you have any questions please ask myself Angela or one of the trainers we will be more than happy to guide you and help.

Thursday, September 11

Leave your ego at the door

Uncle Rhabdo

Pukie The Clown

We just want to thank all the members bringing us new faces in the door. And everyone has been working hard and staying motivated, that is what we love to see. But, a little reminder for all the new people coming in to try us out, please take our advise! We know how bad you want to do the full workouts because you have heard so many awsome things about Crossfit, but we also know the potential dangers of starting out full force. Crossfit is something you want to ease into, that is why we like to offer a modified workout for your first couple of sessions. It gives us a chance to find out where your fitness level is and what we need to do to scale or not scale the workouts accordingly. We want to train people to get them in the best shape of their life and we want to accomplish that safetly. Be patient, given time you will be right up there with all our best Crossfitters in the gym.


CrossFit Induced Rhabdo

What About Recovery

Wednesday, September 10

Is it possible?

Partner sled drag. It helps to be close in body weight.

George is one of the new faces you will be seeing around.

Mike is another one.

They both did a great little WOD t0day: 4 rounds- 10 DB push jerks, 10 medball cleans, 10 KB swings and 200m run.

Karen smiling for the picture and giving the "I'm number one" sign. Way to go Karen, we love you. She also had her first Rugby practice with Spokane's men's team yesterday, you should ask her about it, went well.

Looks like land mines.

So far it has been a great week here. We have had good WODS, new faces and plenty of old faces. We welcome any and everyone that wants to work hard.
Tomorrow, if you have forgotten, is September 11th. We will be doing a special workout to honor the victims of the World Trade Center attacks. I encourage all to come by sometime tomorrow and give it a go. We may even have a couple of choices if you want to do it as a team.
Here are some interesting videos about nutrition and our government that I first saw on CF CDA.
Is it possible?

Monday, September 8

What do you think?

Master Garth teaches and students listen!

GU john want a big chest, here he is blasting his pecs with good old fashion weighted dips. "Where's the Pec Dec?"

GU Nick does some light stretching prior to his workout. We are glad to have him back after his Summer break.

Marrissa smiling as usual, she is back and working hard. Where's Cody?

Sue plays grandma to some of the kids you may see running around here during the 4:30 class.

We have had a couple of people come in and try to sell us Web page design services over the last year at this location. We wanted to see what you thought of the web site first. We think it's great: straight forward easy to navigate, gets your attention and provides some sort of entertainment that you want to comeback. Take our survey and let us know.

Wednesday, September 3

CrossFit Coeur d'Alene

Derek and Christmas 's 1st WOD with us "KELLEY" ouch!

Here they are at the CF Spokane Christmas party 07'

One of our gatherings at a park, aren't they cute.

Derek attempting to make a fire during our CrossFit Spokane snow shoe trip last winter. There will be more trips out Derek.

Christmas, always smiling :)

This Saturday we will be heading to Coeur d'Alene for our workout. We will be joining CrossFit Coeur d'Alene ( at 10am for their WOD, CrossFit Spokane will hopefully show them how it's done, then after have a pot luck picnic. We have been friends with them for a while now and we always look forward to meeting up with them, we hope everyone can make it, it will be good fun. It will be a pot luck type gathering, so bring something (ZONE friendly).

Location: Phippany Park (on the corner of 7th Street and Montana Avenue in Coeur d’Alene)

Time: WOD 10am, eat at 11am

(we should have the gym open for those who can't make it out, but please CHECK WITH US FIRST just to be sure).

New Faces

Jim doing a rope pull with 88lbs of KB's, it's harder than you think, after a couple of rounds it will tire you out (great finisher).
Come give it a try.

Julenne doing KB swings during a WOD. She comes from OZ fitness and seems to be very competitive and motivated. We welcome her with open arms.

Nick doing "Turkish Get Ups" for the first time. "It's harder than it seems".

Sarah doing squat thrusters. Another motivated and hard working person. Welcome.

Susan, who is new to weight training has done a great job during her WOD's.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had many new faces which we are grateful for and excited about. CrossFit Spokane welcomes anyone willing to work hard and wanting to make a lifestyle change (all are welcome, but unfortunately not all will have what it takes).

One year of CrossFit Spokane at our current location "video".