Friday, March 27

A Few Quick Things to Throw Out

We just wanted to take a moment to mention a few things before the weekend. One, don't forget that the Krav Maga class is tomorrow from 1-3. Second, because there will be some setup for that class, if you plan on attending the regular Saturday WOD, we will only be running it up until 11...maybe a little longer. So make sure to not show up too late past 10 because we'll be getting it started as soon as we can. Third, we just wanted to remind you that we are going to gradually get everyone setup on monthly payments that are on the 1st of each month and no longer have payments on the 15th. So if you are 15th payer, get with us at pay time and we'll get it set up. Thanks for the cooperation on this. And last, we have removed the water fountain by the bathrooms today and have had a water purification system set up. So, no longer any water bottles available from us. We would suggest getting a simple water bottle that you can bring in with you.

Also, great work this week on all the WODs, gang! There were definitely some rough WODs that came up and we were pleased to see CrossFit Spokane step up to the challenge. And speaking of challenges, stay tuned for our next Gym/Personal PR Challenge. After this week the current one will be over. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25

Krav Maga and CrossFit Spokane

Don't forget we are having our Krav-Maga seminar this Saturday from 1-3pm. If you are interested or know someone who is, get in here and sign up: $25 before Saturday $30 on Saturday. Don't miss out on your chance to learn the basics about the most simple, effective and devastating form of self defense.
The seminar is almost full!

Sunday, March 22

Just imagine how much we could have helped these guys:) Great picture though; thanks Gabe.

Finally! I think that the spring weather is finally here to stay! (knock on wood) So you know what that means!!!!? We can start running outside more! Although here at CrossFit Spokane we always make things work regardless of the weather, I think we all can agree that being able to consistently get outside and hit the pavement is not only important to training, but it seems to re-energize us as well. So, just like I prefer to think of Mondays as the beginning of an entire week of new challenges, I like to think of the new season as an opportunity to take a deep breath, set new goals out on the horizon, and viciously start reaching for them. For those of you that were not part of the "family" last year, the great weather allows us once again to eventually start hitting up those parks for Saturday WODs and who among us has been missing the CrossFit rallies with our friends out there at CrossFit CDA!!!??? Those are always a load of fun!

Titan Sunday!
This last Sunday was once again a great workout. In case you are unaware, we have started a one hour Sunday class that will focus around refreshing the fundamentals of the basic lifts and then end the hour going really heavy (we're talking 5x5's, 5x3's, 7x1's, etc.). Just like last Sunday's Deadlift class, today we spent the entire hour refreshing over the Shoulder Press. Everyone performed great and showed great improvement (regardless of their previous skill level). After another month or so of these Sundays, it will be great to hold a CrossFit Total; I am excited to see how much higher the scores will be, especially for those that consistently are attending Sundays. I love seeing people moving massive amounts of weight!!! Great job gang! Seeing as how these Sundays are based around only very focused heavy lifts, our Sunday class will be known from here on out as "The Titan" class; one of great size, strength and achievement.

Reminder! I hope that you all have been making progress with your Double-Unders because this Friday is our second PR Challenge! In case you haven't seen it posted on the board, the PR Challenge this month is how many DU's you can get in 10 minutes! Whether you are an animal at them or can only get one at a time, 10 minutes of DU's can be a brutal workout. Because of this, this Friday's WOD will be a shorter one which will allow for a somewhat short rest before the 10 minutes begin. But, if for some reason you are unable to make it on Friday or if it's a rest day for you , then lets make sure that you take time on either Thursday or Saturday to ask the trainer to clock you following the normal WOD. Friday will be the official day for it though. Regardless I would like to post the reps online, so make sure to get them written down if you don't do it on Friday:)

Payment Date. For those of you who haven't been told yet, over the next couple of payment periods, we are getting everybody setup to pay on the first of the month and no longer have payments on the 15th. If you are a 15th payer, we can obviously adjust/pro-rate as needed until everyone is all on the 1st. Thank you very much for your cooperation while this is being accomplished.

Monday, March 16

New Members, First Sunday WOD, and a Couple of 1st Places

CrossFit Spokane's 1st Sunday WOD group

Sunday Class. We had our first Sunday class this weekend and it was amazing! We only had 6 people show up, but this was WAY more than we expected seeing as how it was the weekend before St. Patty's Day!:) We hope that you all had a great time! We sure did at the Sunday class; we spent the better part of the hour starting from square one of the mechanics of the Deadlift and ended the class with an amazing 5x3 Heavy Deadlift. Trust me, they pushed it hard! The focus was incredible and we even had someone pulling their previous 1 Rep Max for all of the 3 reps!!! Remember, like Mr. Rippetoe points out, "It's harder to kill strong people." Whether that be nature, diseases, daily challenges or other people (for you Mil/LEO/FF out there), this holds true. Just ask Lindsey, Marissa, Jon, Heather or Sully, they pushed it hard last Sunday...great job to y'all!

Great setup Marissa!

Jon at the top at full extension...excellent! Look at Lindsey in the background thinking, "That's not that heavy. I could lift that!"

So she did it:) Don't ask me for a picture of her at the top of the completed pull. I...uhhh...I...well...I accidentally deleted it. Yeah, that's it...I accidentally deleted it:)

Heather did an amazing job! I would be on the lookout for her to be making some incredible gains in the near future.

Sully was getting after it on Sunday! I can see his next CrossFit Total really making a huge leap!

New Faces. We are pleased to have some new faces joining our "family" here at CrossFit Spokane. Bo, Megan, Kristen, Zach, Aaron, Holly, Amber, and Owen just to name a few. So lets make sure to introduce yourselves and welcome them! Most of them are still in the 14 Day Beginners Course, but will be joining the group classes soon! Here are some pictures of three of our most recent members storming through the Beginners Course. Great people with great work ethic! Welcome.

Megan and Bo learning to "hate" the rower:)

Kristen. Lookout ladies, we expect some great performances from her.

1st Places!!! We also are pleased to hear that two members of CrossFit Spokane have been competing in events outside of the gym and have been whooping ***! Karen recently placed 1st in a state powerlifting competition the other weekend. Awesome job Karen! And in a local Judo competition this last Saturday, Brett placed 1st and 3rd in separate divisions!!! I believe he mentioned that he fought in nine different matches in one afternoon! Talk about a fight gone bad, and then another one, and another, and another, and well, you get the picture:) Congratulations to both of you!


Saturday, March 14

Sunday Class

The time for tomorrow's first Sunday class will be held at 10 a.m. Almost half of those who voted chose this time. Hopefully enough people consistently will be able to make it and we can continue this class. I hope that not too many of you "over-hydrate" tonight so that you won't make it in tomorrow:) Like posted earlier, tomorrow we will focus on one of the basic lifting techniques and get a heavy/heavier style WOD in towards the end of the hour. Hope to see ya'll there! Have a great St. Patty's weekend and stay safe!


Friday, March 13

What a Week!!!!

Well, we're coming to the end of the week and my hat really goes off to you all! This week was quite a challenge and proved to be very taxing on all of us, but isn't every week?:) I know that most of you are like me in that you get so into performing the WOD's and look forward to it everyday so much that sometimes you "forget" to take adequate time to recover. Remember, with the level of intensity that we reach here at CrossFit Spokane, you need to make sure that you allow for those crucial rest days! It is an important aspect to your training, just as much as the ferocity that you throw into the WOD's. So realize that when you are taking a rest day, you're not being lazy. Take that day(s) to let your body build itself back up and get stronger, make sure to hydrate, eat well, and get proper amounts of sleep. The key to elite fitness and health isn't just one or two of these, it's all of them combined!!!! Just like tuning up your car, you aren't going to change the oil and call it a day; you need to take care of every aspect of it to ensure it's operating as a finely tuned piece of machinery.

As for the Sunday class we are still waiting a little longer to get some more votes in to determine the time, but it's looking as though it will probably be sometime in the morning. Once this class does get started, we will run it as a test class for about a month or so to determine whether or not enough people consistently show up to make it worthwhile. As of now we are going to have the focus of this class around our basic lifts and will be spending the entire class focusing on perfecting form and going heavy. Just like in many sports and activities in life, the key to reaching new levels of performance is to be constantly reviewing the basics and mastering them! Having this class means that CrossFit Spokane will be open every single day of the week. Many of you have been wanting to follow the 3 on 1 off schedule that has proven to be so effective in terms of "work-recovery" and this will allow you to follow that program structure precisely if desired. This Sunday (the 15th) will be the first one and we will post the time of the class no later than 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the previous post on the upcoming Krav Maga class and get signed up!

Another element we will be adding to our site in the near future will be gym profiles on our clients. Every couple of weeks we are going to be asking if one of you would like to have a "CrossFit Games" style profile posted on the site. The profile will include many of your best times/weights for certain exercises/WODs and a little about yourself. If you don't mind, we'll probably throw a picture of ya up there as well. This will be completely optional, but it will provide everyone a chance to get to know members that they possibly have never met, but daily see their name up on the board from a different class time.

Reminder: the regional XF games qualifier is getting closer and closer and there eventually will be a cutoff on the amount of people allowed, so if you are thinking of going make sure to sign up and let us know so we can help you prep for it as much as possible and provide support.
You can get info and sign up here: Northwest Regional Qualifier

And finally, Saturday is almost upon us! Another great WOD is planned (not as long as last week's:) and it would be great for some new blood to come by and check out the great time that we have. So if you think you know anyone that might be interested......


Tuesday, March 10

Krav Maga at CrossFit Spokane

What is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is considered to be a modern, highly refined, street fighting system, designed to be effective against armed and unarmed attackers. It addresses a wide variety of aggressive attacks that include punches, kicks, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, grabs, as well as defenses against multiple attackers and assailants armed with a firearm, edged weapon, or blunt object. Training in Krav Maga stresses the ability to react when surprised. Techniques and training methods emphasize the ability to function from a poor state of readiness, and to move from a passive to aggressive state immediately in order to fight back and survive. Training teaches students to react effectively under stress and to move efficiently from a position of disadvantage to a position of advantage.

Head Instructor Mike Satz is certified as a Krav Maga instructor by Krav Maga Worldwide and was previously on the instructor staff of Krav Maga of DFW in Dallas, Texas and Performance Self Defense and Fitness in Allen, Texas. Mike's students include children, adults, and law enforcement officers. Mike is a personal safety expert and his primary goal as head instructor of Krav Maga of Moscow is to make sure his students have the skills and necessary mindset to "make it home safe" if they are ever the victim of a violent attack, no matter what walk of life they come from. This is the essence of what Krav Maga is all about. Mike is also a law professor at the University of Idaho College of Law and is an expert in the legal aspects of self defense and the use of force.

CrossFit Spokane will be hosting a 2 hour Krav Maga self defense.
CrossFit Spokane
Saturday March 28th (1pm-3pm)
$20.00 (CrossFit Spokane members)
$25.00 (General admission)
$30.00 (Day of the seminar)
Class size will be limited so sign up soon. If you have a large group or organization let us know sooner than later, so we can ensure space for everyone.

If you are unable to contact the gym, or have questions specifically concerning Krav Maga, you can also contact CrossFit Spokane's member Brayson Buckner. Brayson is a current student under Mike Satz and has been taking the steps to become a certified Krav Maga Instructor which will allow him to begin instruction up here in Spokane...very exciting! You can contact Brayson at (208) 724-0123.

The "Why" of Full Squats

Why do we want full squats? Why is it that we are constantly harping on you to get down to below parallel? For so long have professionals across the athletic/rehab community frowned upon conducting full squats and make statements that claim that this movement is dangerous; nothing could be further from the truth.

"The squat has been the most important yet most poorly understood exercise in the training arsenal for a very long time. The full range of motion exercise known as the squat is the single most useful exercise in the weight room, and our most valuable tool for building strength, power, and size....when performed correctly, the squat is not only the safest leg exercise for the knees, but it produces a more stable knee than any other leg exercise....any squat that is not deep is a partial squat, and partial squats stress the knee and the quadriceps without stressing the glutes, the adductors, and the hamstrings. The hamstrings, groin muscles, and glutes perfom their function in the squat when the hips are stretched to the full flexion, where they get tight - the deep squat this stretched position they provide a slight rebound out of the bottom..."

- Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore

By conducting partial squats, we are making the quads do most of the work. As the quads grow and other important areas [hips, adductors(tendons located on inside of leg) and hamstrings] get neglected, you will build disproportionate strength. This can then lead to a standstill in strength building as well as set the stage for possible injuries. Also, by stopping the downward motion of a squat anywhere above parallel produces an amazing amount of stress on the knees/joints that must stop this motion. By continuing past parallel, this stress is transferred more to the other powerful parts of the legs/hips discussed earlier.

Many people start to conduct these partial squats because they feel as though they can't go deep with the weight that they are using. The answer to this seems quite obvious to me...use lighter weight, constantly strive to improve that technique, get that full range of motion and you will safely make incredible gains. Period. It may take lots of practice and a good bit of time for some people, but has anything great ever really been attained quickly or easily?

Below is a video that I received from a friend found from CrossFit Diablo. After watching this I almost cried. There is not one single part of this that I find amusing or entertaining...except that this guy doesn't even know where the heart is located, and even that is sad. There isn't one bit of this that fits with the CrossFit mentality, but unfortunately America seems to be falling into the trap of self-indulgence more and more. Let's fight to make sure that this type of thing stops becoming a pattern! Food to die for?! You really must be kidding me?!!!


Sunday, March 8

Increased flexibility and ROM

Monte working hard.

Brandon, Betty and Monte (team 1) working together during our Saturday team WOD. (1:51.13)

Troy showing off his work.

Nick in doing some deep squat cleans.

Jaryl approaching the pull-up bar. If you ever want to watch someone train with intensity watch him.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is an advanced form of flexibility training that involves both the stretching and contraction of the muscle group being targeted. PNF stretching is currently the fastest and most effective way known to increase static-passive flexibility. (1,2)

In the 1980s, components of PNF began to be used by sport therapists on healthy athletes. The most common PNF leg or arm positions encourage flexibility and coordination throughout the limb's entire range of motion. PNF is used to supplement daily stretching and is employed to make quick gains in range of motion to help athletes improve performance. Good range of motion makes better biomechanics, reduces fatigue and helps prevent overuse injuries. PNF is practiced by physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and others.(3)

PNF stretching techniques take advantage of the sudden "vulnerability" of the muscle and its increased range of motion by using the period of time immediately following the isometric contraction to train the stretch receptors to get used to this new, increased, range of muscle length. This is what the final passive stretch accomplishes.(2)

How to perform a PNF stretch.
The process of performing a PNF stretch involves the following. The muscle group to be stretched is positioned so that the muscles are stretched and under tension. The individual then contracts the stretched muscle group for 5 - 6 seconds while a partner, or immovable object, applies sufficient resistance to inhibit movement. Please note; the effort of contraction should be relevant to the level of conditioning. The contracted muscle group is then relaxed and a controlled stretch is applied for about 30 seconds. The muscle group is then allowed 30 seconds to recover and the process is repeated 2 - 4 times. (1)

Certain precautions need to be taken when performing PNF stretches as they can put added stress on the targeted muscle group, which can increase the risk of soft tissue injury. To help reduce this risk, it is important to include a conditioning phase before a maximum, or intense effort is used. (1)

Here are some other general guidelines when completing PNF stretching:
1. Leave 48 hours between PNF stretching routines.
2. Perform only one exercise per muscle group in a session.
3. For each muscle group complete 2-5 sets of the chosen exercise.
4. Each set should consist of one stretch held for up to 30 seconds after the contracting phase.
5. PNF stretching is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.
6. If PNF stretching is to be performed as a separate exercise session, a thorough warm up consisting of 5-10 minutes of light aerobic exercise and some dynamic stretches must precede it. 7. Avoid PNF immediately before, or on the morning of competition. (4)


Thursday, March 5

Marriage and the "Fat Loss Secret: Your Weight Gain is In Your Head!"

CrossFit Spokane's Trisha has tied the knot with a non CrossFitter (Toby). From the picture you can clearly see her fitness is superior to his (NonCrossFitter). Hopefully she will break him in slowly. We wish them the best of luck in their new life together. God Bless