Thursday, July 7

A Quote To Live By

“There are two kinds of people in this world. The ninety-nines and the ones.

The Ninety-Nines...that’s what I call 'em. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people can't fathom what I do. They scratch their heads, can't believe my dedication to this great sport. Many don't even think this a sport or that I have a life. Never let others define your 'life' for you. This is what I have chosen. This is the road I've taken, with all the potholes, bumps, and turns. The Ninety-nines, they can't commit 100% to being their best, to step up one day and stand tall among the giants.

There are those who rely on luck, and those who don't know the meaning of the word.

I don't play the lottery. I don't have the winning ticket. Everything I have, I busted my ass for. The only thing I ever got handed to me are the genetics my old man passed down. From him, I learned the value of a work ethic and getting your hands dirty. To those who've always wanted more, stand with me. We are few and we must stand on the mountaintops to be heard. When the day is done, our voices will carry. It shall be a call to all those who have always dreamed of something greater.

There are those who tear down others to build themselves up and those who just build.

To the naysayers, I say your words will fall on deaf ears. To the doubters, take your misgivings elsewhere. To the envious, do not desire what we will achieve. I will beat back mediocrity with a fierce hand, will demolish conformity, so that when it's time to cash in my chips, I won't leave a legacy of regret, that I didn't go for mine. In each of us lies the power to start something... So to those of you out there who can hear, let me say again, who are you and will you stand with me?”

It's Time to Get Training

Tuesday, July 5

Serious Training

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Friday, July 1

Friday Night Sports Conditioning Program

We had an AWESOME training night tonight.  The energy was high, the work output was great and everyone had a great workout. We did a 5 station circuit "Strongman Style".  2min at each station w/ 1min rest between: Farmer carries, Stone load, Tire Flip, Sled Rope Pull, and Log Clean and Jerk.  The warm up was focused on power and explosion, we did a newer dumbbell complex and some new plyo-box drills, again AWESOME.

We have many people call email and stop by to check out the Sports Conditioning Program over the last few weeks.  Just to be clear this "IS NOT FOR EVERYONE" not only do you need to be an athlete, but you need to have the desire to "WORK" and "WIN". Some people want the win without the work and that's fine, but not here. I would rather train the worst athlete with the best work ethic than the best athlete whom is lazy.  One day the worker will be on top, guaranteed.

If you have stopped by and thought this is too hard or this is not for me, than you're right, Peace and good luck.  Only the dedicated will make it.  Our athlete have already seen HUGE improvement in the last few weeks and they will be the ones with scholarships and championships.

Some videos to come. Stay tuned.