Thursday, February 22

Dot to Dot

3 Rounds
Dot Drill
20 Wall Balls
20 Windmills
20 Up and overs

Wednesday, February 14

The knockout

Here is Jeff and Anton (father and son) in the second fight night at Spokane CrossFit. This is Anton delivering the knockout punch to his father. What a strong right hook he has.

For time (4 rounds)
-10 hangclean (95-135lb men, 45-95lb women)
- sprint 400m
Come and learn about the Isogenix cleansing, weight loss and nutrition program. Following the presentation we will have a Suffer on Saturday workout (Fight Gone Bad) anyone is welcome. No charge for the seminar or workout.
Order of events
09:00 Isogenix seminar
10:30 Warm up and Crossfit workout

Monday, February 12

Don't try this at home

This a guy named Sebastien Foucan prcticing Parkour (Le Parkour), otherwise known as ‘The Art of Movement’. Basically you run and jump on over or climb anything that gets in your way, in a safe efficient manner. It's a lot of fun and has a tremendous need for functional fitness.

For time (1 time through)
-row .5 mile
-20 box jumps (red box or higher)
-20 suitcase deadlifts (each hand)
-20 pull ups
-20 wall balls
-20 back extensions (GHD)
-20 knees to elbows
-sprint 400m

Sunday, February 11

It's going to be a great week

Here is Kayla working on her pullups, she is close to getting one by herself. She makes Daddy proud.

Just wanted to thank Marcus and Sabina for coming in on Saturday afternoon for their very first CrossFit workout (they did a great job). I hope we see more of them.


Five rounds for max reps

-Body weight bench press
-Body weight squats

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Thursday, February 8

speed and quickness

For time (X4)
-dot drill (3 times each combination)
-sprint 400m
When done work on anything you feel needs work. (OHS, stone lift, snatch, pullups, ring pushups...)

Tuesday, February 6

Anyone can do it

Lauryn (our future Olympian) doing a back squat. Can you?

For time (5 rounds)
-5 reps one arm snatch (heavy)
-20 half moons (10 each side)
-20 box jumps