Monday, December 31

Happy New Year

Mike drying off by the fire.

Christmas in our shelter the group put together.

The group.

Derek, Mike, Angela, Troy, Cindy, Christmas, Dawn and Brad

Our final stop before heading back to the trucks.

Mike, Troy and Derek watching the fire.

The snowshoeing trip went well. There were 8 of us who went up to the mountains for our day in the snow. We ended up going about 3 miles round trip and made a couple stops along the way for fire and shelter building. Hopefully we can do another one soon for those of you who couldn't make it this time. My goal is to do something like this every couple of months for our members, so we can get together and have some fun outside doing something active.

Have a safe happy New Year.

Friday, December 28

Get ready

Got your tickets?

Carlos getting ready to meet Pukie.

Mark doing some DB snatches.

This is a great time of year because of friends, family and New Years resolutions. There are lots and lots of people who will say that this is the year they will eat better, lose some weight and get into shape, and out of all those people more than half will have quit by June. The number one reason they will fail is because of accountability; there will be no one there or anything in place to hold them to their commitment. Some people my think that a financial commitment (gym contract) will help them, but they to often fail and only have the monthly fee coming out of their checking account to show for it. This time of year the 24hr Globo gyms prey on these people with the hopes of them getting in there to sign a 2-3 year contract and then hoping they don't return. These poor people, all they had to do was come to CrossFit Spokane.

Tomorrow (Saturday 29th) is our snowshoeing trip, so if you want to go it's not too late, there is no cost just snowshoe rental ($10). We will be showing up here at 6:30 am and coming back about 6-7pm. For those of you who can't come the gym will be open the regular time 9am-noon.

New Years Hours

31 December (New Years eve) 8am -noon

1 January (New Years day) 3pm-8pm

Saturday, December 22

Fight Gone Bad

Fred knocking out some push presses.

James who is new with us just finished his first FGB, "Welcome James".

Mike getting ready to do SDHP

This was the last workout before the Christmas break which made it a perfect day for Fight Gone Bad.

FGB results

Fred-208 (first time)

James-161 (first time)

Anna-230 (first time)


We will be back open Wedensday at 3pm, have a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 21

Our first

This is Troy, he was with us at the old gym and has made his way back.

Brooklyn working on core strength with the ab wheel.

Simon says "do the scare crow".

Ha Ha, Derek and Christmas are just doing the Burgener warm-up.

Today was a good day for Christmas, she got her first muscle up AND SHE IS THE FIRST OF OUR FE. She did one and made it look easy then did one more about a minute later then waited about 5 minutes and got 3 in a row (check out the video).


MONDAY 24 (Christmas eve) CLOSED

TUESDAY 25 (Christmas) CLOSED

WEDNESDAY 26 (Day after) OPEN 3PM-8PM

Thursday, December 20

He's back

This is Grant from MT. Baker CrossFit, he comes and see's us now and again to represent the gym up there. Skip is doing some good stuff there because each time Grant comes back he better and better. Today he did "Barbra" in 21:45 which is our gym record then later that day came back and did our 15 min dead lift/push press workout and got 30,000lbs which is currently second in the gym to Phillip with 30,775lbs.

Wednesday, December 19

OHS contest

Judging by these pictures, who's got the best looking OHS?









Feel free to post any comments.

Monday, December 17

Lets Get Out

Chris doing pull ups during Fran with 35lb vest on
Chris doing squat thrusters during Fran with 35lb vest on

Chris finished Fran with 35lb vest on as RX'd in 8:54

Angela doing a great workout with Turkish Get Ups


We will be having a snowshoeing/survival trip Saturday December 29th at the Colville National Forest for any of our members. We will be snowshoeing up and down a couple of peaks and throughout the day we will be going over some basic survival skills:shelter, food/water, fire and navigation. There is no cost, just the rental of snowshoes if needed. We have a flyer and a mandatory packing list on the board at the gym. Don't miss out this will be so much fun.

Good Times

Angela, Cheryl and Christine

Derek and Christmas

Kind of a group shot

We had a great turn out and a great time at the 1st annual CrossFit Spokane Christmas party. We would like to thank all the people who came out to spend their Saturday night with us, we even had rare appearance from Tony and Maria who we haven't seen in a while. Hopefully we will be seeing more of them. For those of who couldn't make it this time we are sorry you missed it, but we will be having these get togethers more often as the New Year goes on.

Thank You to all our members, God bless and have a great Christmas Holiday.

Wednesday, December 12

Christmas Party

Great controlled range of motion.

Garth, Matt and Chandra having a moment.

This coming Saturday we will be having our first annual CrossFit Spokane Christmas party. It will be from 5 pm till when ever people leave. This would be a good time to bring your friends, family and kids and show them where you go to train as well as meet the people you know from the board ,but have never met. We will be doing this Pot Luck style, so bring some food to share with all. We are wine lovers, so bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beverage to enjoy.

A few new faces

We welcome Matt, who is fireman from Cheney. He is very eager to train hard and we are excited to have another public servicemen training with us.
This is Anna, she just joined us this week and has already gone head to head with Garth in Tabata This and did awesome.

Here is Sharon who also just joined with us. Very cool, and seems to be very motivated to train.

This is Erin who has been with us for about a year and is one of our best performers. I don't think she has ever had her picture on our site before mostly because she is always moving so fast that they all come out blurry.

We have had a good month so far with 6 new members joining and last Monday night was about the busiest I have seen the gym, we had close to 30 people in here between 5:30 -7:30. Thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about CrossFit.

Tuesday, December 4


This is our newest member to the CrossFit family Mike "Sully" doing kettlebell swings.
TR almost done with the kettlebell swing and squat WOD

Mike after the same WOD. I'm happy to say that John almost beat me this time. He has come along way.

Time flies when your having fun. Can you believe that on Saturday December 1st we had our 1 year anniversary here at CrossFit Spokane. What a good year it has been too. We have introduced CrossFit to hundreds of people and changed many many lives in the process and it feels good. Hopefully we will continue to grow and provide the best quality training in the Spokane area. Thank you to all our loyal members and friends for sticking with us through out the year and helping us make it this far. God Bless

Tuesday, November 27

The Word

Angela giving some pointers.

Phillip and Connie in their new CrossFit sweatshirts. They look cool.

TR working on his L-sits. "Get your toes up."

The word about CrossFit is finally starting to get out in our area and on Fairchild AFB. It seems that some of the higher up on base have taken notice of CrossFit which is AWESOME. I've been trying to get people involved and take notice for about 1 1/2 years as an alternative to the standard issue Air Force PT. If any of you have been through one of these grueling workouts you will know that it's about as hard as our warm up and I don't know for sure, but I'm sure that no one has ever gotten any great fitness or health benefits from AF PT. Maybe if they were in such bad shape or so under trained that any physical stimulus would bring improvement or if they were post rehab or about 90 yrs old. Even then CrossFit would still be better just because any of these people still have to lift, squat, press, walk/jog/run or just live life in which case, just happens to be what we do at an intensity level appropriate to challenge that person.

Thank you to all our members and friends who have been helping us spread the CrossFit word . We love you and appreciate everything.

Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving

Brian getting warmed up. Damn strong for a skinny guy.

John post workout. Doesn't he look happy to be here.(He loves it)

It's been a good week here at CrossFit Spokane. We have seen several new faces, set some new gym records and as always had some killer workouts and a whole lot of fun. Early in the week we had a visit from Grant who works out at Mt. Baker CrossFit, it was good to see him again and will return some time mid December. He brought in a Friend Brian who is a good dude, who in turn brought in John who is full of intensity which what we want here. Some good news in the gym is that TR was one of 4 out of 400 to get a job with Spokane Valley Fire Department during this last tryout (the top 1%). Unfortunately next week we will have to say good by to Matthew Heath who has been PCS'd to another base (SUCKS) we will miss him around here. I hope everyone has a great Turkey day. Be safe and God Bless.

THURSDAY (Thanksgiving)-CLOSED
FRIDAY- OPEN 5pm-8pm

Tuesday, November 20

Gym Records

Christmas getting set for a max attempt.

Garth hit a new PR on CrossFit Total with 905lbs and a PR in the dead lift of 415lbs.

Derek has the gym record for CrossFit Total with 915lbs. He did go below parallel.

There are a couple of new ideas for the gym I have been tossing around.

-Breakdanceing classes, which if you have never seen or tried, it's a very intense workout (checkout the video link). These will begin after the New Year.

-Parkour training, to be offered 1-2 days a week this winter while its cold and snowy outside.

-CrossFit training on Fairchild AFB, two days a week on Tue and Thur. mornings 05:30-06:30 I'm trying to work this out right now. It should be about $40-$45 a month (compare that to a personal trainer).

-Free CrossFit Training, Beginning the New Year I would like to offer free training to about 10 middle school and high school age kids who are overweight or obese. Skip Chase form Mt. Baker CrossFit is doing this and it seems to be going very well. It would be awesome to have a positive impact on a young persons life and what better time then the New Year to begin. More specifics to come.

If anyone would be interested or you know someone who might be pass this on or please let us know.

Don't forget to tell everyone you talk to about CrossFit, spread the word for all to hear.

Thursday, November 15

The holiday

Derek and Christmas two of our newer clients. They are good people and good to have working out here because they both seem to set the bar for everyone else

With all the holidays coming up it more important now that you stay active and keep up a good diet. It's SO easy to fall off the wagon and hurt all the progress you have made. With the New Year approaching now is a good time to start working on those resolutions that unfortunately all too often fail, so start planning and get going. If you need help with the exercise part then you in the right place. Come and give us a try before you get sold to a shinny BIG BOX gym.

To all our members thank you.