Wednesday, December 31

New Years

Steve a little winded.

Brian catching his breath.

Monica weighted sit-up.

Tyler weighted sit-up.

Brandon weighted sit-up.

We will have 2 classes on New Years day 10am-11am and 5pm-6pm.
We will be back to regular hours on Friday.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Sunday, December 28

Christmas Party

Christmas getting set to try the L-Sit challenge.

Derek and Christmas from CrossFit CDA showed up to hangout with us. It's always nice to get together with them.

Some smiling faces at the 2nd annual CrossFit Spokane Christmas party.

Angela Golden trying the L-Sit challenge.

Jenny looking good and always smiling.

We had a great time at the party and we appreciate all who could attend. This year there was a Secret Santa gift game which was a lot of fun an L-Sit contest and Kurt (Valley Fire) played his bagpipes which was very cool as well as plenty of food and drink. Again, thanks to all who could make it and all of our members we appreciate everyone of you. We hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy and safe New Year. We look forward to next years party.

A quick video of Kurt on his Pipes.

Tuesday, December 23

The Hard Routine

Bob getting ready for the muscle up challenge.

Brayson post WOD stretch.

Going over the plan during a team workout.

Melissa and Angela doing some extra work.

Jaryl lunging during one of our team WOD's

As the New Year approaches people begin to think about their resolutions. Each year thousands if not millions of people will say this is the year they make a change in their lives; whether it be no smoking, less alcohol, better nutrition, more exercise, less debt…

Unfortunately our society has made it incredibly easy to become overweight, unhealthy and lazy; it’s no wonder that every year a vast majority of resolutions fail. Most people will make it a couple of months some will last a little longer, but in the end most will fall short of their objective.
It is difficult to change a lifestyle habit/routine and one must be 100% committed and willing to make the necessary sacrifices that go along with it. I think most people go into it not realizing how challanging it may be. However it is possible for someone to make a positive lifestyle change if they are willing to work for it; nothing worth while in life comes easy. The few who succeed have the discipline, focus and intensity needed to get through the challenging times and those who fail often lose site of their goal and take the easy way out.

For those members who are interested and willing, this New Year at CrossFit Spokane we will be getting a group together to participate in “The Hard Routine” which is a one month reoccurring program. The program will provide workouts, goals, bench marks and accountability for your resolution progress. This will be more of a support group to get you where you want to be (misery loves company). We will have “The Hard Routine” board at the gym for posting comments, achievements or whatever. I challenge myself and anyone else to “The Hard Routine” each month of 2009.

The principles of setting up a hard routine are simple. Following them is too, but it takes total commitment.

1. Recognize that there is a benefit to not getting everything you want.

2. Understand that mental toughness is born of adversity; that it will atrophy if not consistently
engaged; and that it carries over to everything you do.

3. Objectively scrutinize one or a handful of things in your life that you think you need but could
actually do without.

4. Deny yourself those things for a specified period of time.

You can get a copy of "The Hard Routine" at CrossFit Spokane

"To a great extent, the health problems experienced by the members of the ridiculous culture in which we live are self-inflicted. They are result of the reluctance of the bulk of the population to do anything that is either physically hard or something that they don’t want to do. People seem to have acquired the idea that they have the inalienable right to stroll through life without having sweated, picked up anything heavy, worked hard, or eaten less than they wanted at every meal. This approach is, of course, wrong. And it has resulted in a lot of expensive, unattractive, and entirely preventable problems amongst people who seem puzzled about why things aren’t going well." Mark Rippetoe (CrossFit Journal 63 November 2007)


Monday, December 22

Tuesday Hours

Due to the crazy weather, driving conditions and the holiday, we have been really slow. So tuesday (dec. 23) we will be having limited hours. We will run a group WOD at 12-1pm and another session from 5-6pm. We apologize if this is an inconvenience for some of you, but it will make for larger classes which is way more fun!!!! We hope to see a lot of you there and be safe driving in.

Holiday Hours

Here are the hours for this Christmas week:

Monday and Tuesday: Normal Hours
Wed. Christmas Eve: 9am Group WOD
Fri: 10am Group WOD
Sat: 10am-12pm Open Gym

Saturday, December 20

Snow Day

I the last couple of days I have heard a lot of complaining about the big snow we got (and I have to agree on the driving conditions), but in the Crossfit community we find it as one big playground: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, and of course the shoveling!!! So get out there and play.

We asked for pictures of you all having some fun in the snow and thank you to those of you who sent them. We dicided to put this one of Tyler overhead squatting his wife Lindsey in the snow, they said they turned quite a few heads in the neighborhood. Very impresive.

Thursday, December 18


Well, the snow has finally let up a little bit and the road crews are hard at work. We hope you all had an uneventful day on the road and with any luck you didn't have to go anywhere.

We are planning on opening Friday morning at 8 a.m. and running our normal schedule for the rest of the day. Since most of you probably spent the better part of today doing the "Arctic Deadlift" (i.e. shoveling), we promise deadlifting won't be part of Friday's WOD......or will it? :)

But even with the roads getting cleared, it could still be nasty so please be safe driving and we will look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Snow, snow and more snow!

Due to the incredible amount of snow over the last 36 hours, the horrible conditions on the interstate and on the main roads in Spokane, we have decided to keep the gym closed for today. Please check back later this evening for any updates and if you do have to leave to go anywhere today, PLEASE DRIVE SAFE!

Now, that being said, this doesn't mean that every one of us can't keep up with our disciplined training and get a WOD in today. So get out there and get some functional fitness in! We're sure that there is more than enough snow to keep you busy shoveling all day! But how creative can you get? Igloos? Monster snowmen? 10x10 foot walls? Take a few pics and send 'em to us! And if your inclined to stay inside as much as possible, there's nothing quite like 100 Burpees for time!:)

Wednesday, December 17


Despite the bad weather we will be open regular hours Thursday and Friday, but keep checking the site for updates.

We are still planning on having Sean Croxton in for a seminar sometime in January or February, so stay tuned. The price will be $75 for the day and will be worth every penny. If you want in early let us know.

We have also been planning for a two day seminar with Rob Shaul from Mountain Athlete sometime in March or April. This guy knows his stuff. Think of a mixture of Mark Twight (Gym Jones), CrossFit (Greg Glassman) and Mike Boyle rolled into one. This is a two day weekend seminar (You will learn a lot). The price is $500 for the two days of training and again it will be worth every penny. When it comes up, you can sign up at his site however, space will be limited to keep the best possible student instructor ratio (learning outcome).

Monday, December 15

Christmas Party

Well the results are in,our second annual Christmas party will be at O'Doughertys. So we will meet there on Saturday Dec. 20 at 7pm. Bring a $10-15 secret santa gift. If you come as a couple please bring a gift for each person so that everyone gets to participate. Last year we had a great time and this year should be even better. Hope to see you all there.

Monday, December 1

Thanksgiving and football

Friday, post Thanksgiving WOD.

Pastor Ken working on hang cleans. CrossFit is why he did so well during the Saturday football game. If it works for him, it will work for you.

Pat approaches his KB for more swings. Pat was also at the football game on Saturday and represented CrossFit Spokane very well.

Kathy doing one arm squat thrusters. She is a very intense and hard working person and we love having her.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had about 20 people or so come to the Friday WOD and work of the extra calories. We did teams of 4-5 people for the workout.
Each team had a deck of cards which each suit was a different exercise for the given #.
-Box jumps
-KB swings
-Aces were 10 pull-ups
-Jokers were 800m run

Saturday we played football at Franklin Park with about 18-20 other people, which was a great time and a great game. We had several people from CrossFit Spokane show up: Pastor Ken, Carlos, Pat, Mark, Randy "The Wall" and my self. We all played very well and held our own during the highly competitive game. Thank you to the hosting team
Check out our new video.
I am still trying to get the hang of movie making, so bare with me. I know there are a couple of discrepancies.

Wednesday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving

Think, before you miss a WOD during the holidays.
If you plan on being gone let us know (email, call, ask) we can give you "WOD's to go".

We just wanted to say thanks to all of our members and supporters and hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate you , and we look forward to seeing all of you soon .

God Bless,
Mike and Angela

Friday 28th -
WOD 10am

Saturday 29th -
8-10am fundamentals class (new and old welcome)
9am-? flag football (Franklin Field by North Town Mall)
10am-noon WOD

Monday, November 24


Mike (Valley Fire) focusing on a slosh pipe hold. Excellent core stabilization exercise.

Jodi learning the medicine ball clean.

Monica always smiling, even doing 100 double unders.

Bret done.
If you trained like this at a globo gym they would call the medics or ask you to not come back.

Mike and Brandon discuss the game plan for the team WOD.

As a team of 2
-200m tire flip w/400-500lb tire (jump in jump out each flip)
-200 KB swings (70lb KB)
-200 ring push ups
-200 floor wipers
-200 double unders


We will be playing football this Saturday at 9am at the park across from North Town Mall. Look for the flyer in the gym for more specific info, but if something changes we will post it here.
Just a little reminder that the holidays are close which usually means more food, so pay attention to what you are eating. it is extremely easy to over eat as well as eat too many processed foods (any processed food is too many). All our members work too hard to sabotage their progress from a couple of days/weeks of holiday treats. So go light on the mashed potato's and stuffing and stay active if you are away from the gym for a few days. Let us know if you need some ideas for workouts while away.

We will be having our Christmas party Saturday December 20th at about 6pm. We our not sure of the location yet we are researching a couple of options as far as cost and availability. We will keep you posted as we get closer, so mark your calender. Last years as a lot of fun, so we expect this year to be bigger and better.


If you eat to much and feel tired, but still want to train, try this.

Tuesday, November 18


Mellisa at the top of a one arm squat thruster.

Brian and Bob (Valley Fire) working on the Secret Service Snatch Test (snatch a 53lb KB as many times possible in ten minutes).

Jenni doing a post WOD finisher with KB's and rowing.

Kathy, Sue and Haily doing some core work.

Raul representing CrossFit during an invitational tryout with the Colorado Crush (AFL).

We are going to try and have an annual CrossFit Spokane Flag Football game in the next week or so. It would be cool if we could get some of the other local CrossFit affiliates to show up. Look for flyer's in the gym and on the site for more info. The ladies are welcome to play as well.

Wednesday, November 12

Auto Payments

Mark working hard!
Welcome Randy, who has been with us a couple weeks now and is showing us some great enthusiasm.

Marissa always shows up with a smile on her face.

Brian another one of our firefighters from Spokane Valley fire department.

We are now set up for auto payments, see Mike or I when you come in next and we can set you up. If anyone is interested in getting a discount, we offer 6 month and 1 year contracts on the auto payment program, and if you are not interested in that you can still do month to month on it too.
On our last post we mentioned about the nutrition seminar with Sean Croxton, (Underground wellness). After speaking with him, it sounds like the beginning of January would be the best time, please post to comments and let us know if we still have plenty of interest.

Thursday, October 30

New things coming

The Saturday CrossFit CDA/Spokane group

Post WOD chat

Christmas always smiling

We haven't seen Ted since the day we moved in when he stopped by to help. It was a nice surprise to see him training at CrossFit CDA.

Derek talking about the small leg.

This last Saturday we had a get together with CrossFit CDA. It was a lot of fun and we had a good turn out for the WOD. It is always a good time when we get together and we look forward to meeting up with them again sometime soon.

We will be getting some new equipment in with in the next couple of weeks (j.ropes, med balls, bands and plates). We also are debating if we should get another treadmill or something else. If you have any input let us know or put it in the comments at the bottom.

We are considering having Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness come and give a nutrition and health seminar. He is in the videos that we have posted several times on our site. He has a lot of great nutritional information and presents it in a way that is entertaining and easy to fallow and understand. The price would be about $75-$100 for about 5-6hrs.

Sunday, October 19

We need to wake up

Family 1
Family 2
Hot cocoa in hand.
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my daughters soccer and cheer leading games. While we were at this athletic event for children (which is great), I had noticed that many of the parents of these kids were overweight and some close to being classified as obese. With some of the larger families (4,5,6 family members) you could see the progression of overweightness and unhealthiness from youngest to oldest. At what point in your life do you say enough. Is it when you have one of many chronic illnesses, you struggle to take a flight of stairs, your knees back or hips hurt from the weight, at what point do you say enough. Perhaps when you see your kids feeling the same effects you are accept 10,15 or 20 years sooner. Maybe it's the food, video games, TV/Internet and the need to be entertained by something right NOW, as apposed to using your mind or body (go outside) and maybe it's the parents example as well!
Things to ask yourself.
Do you find yourself waiting for the closes parking spot?
Do you eat till your full/stuffed?
Do you have snacks in the closet "for the kids"?
Do you watch the kids or do you play with the kids?
Do you set the example for your kids?

If you have kids watch this.
I could have not said it better!

Friday, October 17


Saturday October 18
Fair and Expo center
Microbrews, aucton and wine
Come and support a local charity.
This is for the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
You can get tickets at the door for $15 or from Junk Jon for $10

Thursday, October 16

Just think about it.

Angela looking beautiful.

A day at CrossFit Spokane

Cameron doing a great single arm dumbbell thruster

Heather reaching full extension on the kettle bell thruster.

Julienne at the top of a kettle bell swing

A video to think about.

Friday, October 10

Heads up

There will be a fundamentals class on Saturday from 1-3pm. This class is for those wanting to join our gym and is required before joining in on the regular classes. We will be going over the 9 basic movements as well as the various pieces of equipment used here. We will be doing a workout at the end using your newly learned skills. The cost is $60.00.

Wednesday, October 8

CF Games

Carlos done.

George doing some extra core work.

Julienne weighted sit-up.

Tim coming in from a run.

Some of our new equipment.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, it's been hectic the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless we have been growing and are getting better everyday. If you haven't noticed we got some new equipment in : 3 bars, 4 squat stands, an adjustable jump platform, Sorinex "Land Mine", a massive GHD, another rower, 200sq ft of black mat and coming soon more pull-up bars.
Just as a heads up, we would like to sponsor a couple of CrossFit Spokane athletes to go to the CrossFit games next year and represent us. We will be asking for some help from our CrossFit Spokane family, so we will keep you posted.

A great clip about our military.