Tuesday, March 11

She's Back

Angela, Sarah and Becca doing the dot drill during a WOD

Billy getting set for a push press.

Justin grinding out a final half get up

She's back YYAAAAA. Mareya, we missed you.

Well, here we are still growing and growing and getting better and better. We have had several new people sign up over the last week and look forward to training with them. We are also thankful to have Mareya back with us, she is awesome. The SHOCK have their training camp this week, so they won't be in too much this week, maybe a few here and there. We look forward to assisting them this season as they go for another championship.

We are supposed to have a breakdancing class this Saturday at about 12:30, if for some reason it doesn't workout we post it on the site and most likely work on parkour type training.

Monday, March 3


Heather (top) and Val (bottom, Heather's mom) do the WOD together one afternoon. Check out Val's full extension and ROM on the Kettlebell swing (not bad for a 62yr old grandmother).

This is Paula one of our other grandmothers. Notice the flexibility in her hamstrings (I am envious). It's a joy to see her come in and workout with us.

Here is Ryan one of the offensive linemen for the SHOCK post WOD. This man is motivated and ready to train every time he comes in (sometimes twice a day).

Here is our Brooklyn helping us keep time. "3, 2, 1 GO".

Well it's been a good week. We have seen several new faces and have had a couple of new people join our CrossFit family. This month we have changed the way we deal with new members. As we get more and more busy it becomes more and more difficult for us to give the attention the people who need it, so now will require that each new person do at least two 1hr private/small group training session prior to starting. This will help ensure two things: one, that this is the gym for them and not something they will just half ass, therefore keeping the type of serious/quality training atmosphere we want for our members and they have come to expect. Two, it will ensure that they have received the attention they need to learn the basic movements done here as well as free us and our trainers to coach/train more members as needed.

Some other programs we are looking into and have lined up.

We will offer a 3 month/12 week training program that will be 100% guaranteed results.
During this program we will help with nutrition, training and lifestyle to ensure your success. If you are interested contact us (rules apply).

The second Saturday of this month at 12 noon we will have our first break dancing class. As of now it will be free to our current members, so take advantage. (It's going to be cool)

I am looking into getting a Parkour seminar here at our gym in the near future, so if anyone is interested please let me know. It will most likely cost around $40-$50.00 for the day long class.