Sunday, October 30

Monday, Halloween

We will be closing early on halloween. SO, there will be one WOD in the afternoon at 4:30.  Please come dressed up in your costumes! Even if you came saturday dressed up, that's okay, you have one more reason to dress up again! The morning 9am and noon classes will still be running as well.

Thursday, October 27

Halloween WOD Saturday

It is time once again for our annual halloween WOD! This saturday at 9 am show up in your costume and bring a healthy treat to share for after the wod. There will be some fun surprises this year!

Tuesday, October 11

Too Old

Do you use the excuse "I'm too old to train at CrossFit Spokane" or here is another common one "I'm not in shape enough". How many other excuses can you think of. Did you think about this; everyone needs to squat, lift, press, sit up, carry things and the longer you can do those things on your own the longer you'll be independent and not in a home for "old people". So sure, you may not be "in shape" or "too old", but you're not doing yourself any favors by not doing anything. We are excellent in modifying and tailoring workouts, movements and exercise to meet the needs of the individual; old or young, fit or not. 

At CrossFit Spokane, we see a wide variety of people: young, old, over weight, skinny, athletic and clumsy.  They all have one thing in common, they are ready to train, get healthy, get fit and get strong.

Your not too old or not in good enough shape. You just need to get moving.

Contact us now.


Great Nutrition

No matter who you are or what your training goals are nutrition is going to be the foundation of your results and improvement, good or bad.  A good solid nutrition program will yield greater result and a poor nutrition program will yield poor results regardless of how hard you train.  You could have the best coach in the world with the best programing and mess all the effort up with bad nutrition.  Nutrition is 80% of working out.  One thing you can do is to think of food as a fuel and not for pleasure. 

Need nutritional guidance we can help.

 "If you want top fuel performance you need top fuel you can't just piss in the gas tank" Greg Glassman

For anyone looking for some good ideas and great recipes we recommend There you will find great tasting and most importantly healthy meals with Ingredients and instructions for each meal.  They are SO GOOD! It's hard to believe that its healthy and balance nutrition.

Monday, October 10

Spring Sports Conditioning

Spring Sports Conditioning 

We will begin our spring sports conditioning program on Oct 31, 2011 and go through Jan 6, 2012.  If your a spring sport athlete and are not currently participating in another fall or winter sport this is your opportunity to better prepare yourself for the upcoming season.  With our program you will have a better chance of remaining injury free, making the varsity team, having a more successful season or possibly getting that college scholarship.  Having been a prior collegiate athlete and a strength coach I can't stress enough the importance of training in the off season, preseason and maintaining during the season.  We can help.

Contact us NOW to reserve your spot.

Functional kids

"Functional" strength for your kids.

Make them carry their own pumpkin.  How bad do they want the BIG one?

Video from the week

The gym is awesome, we have a lot of motivated people, a high energy and a great training environment.

Thursday, October 6

Jacked n' Tan Friday Fundraiser

Come and Get Jacked n' Tan.

Friday night Fundraiser for Spokane Hope School.

Hope School is the area's only listening and spoken language preschool for children with hearing loss. The non-profit program offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art preschool for families who want their deaf and hard of hearing children to learn to listen and talk.

 Come support us with the fundraiser.

Friday 5:30pm

Beautifully Bronzed Airbrushing will be here to offer a greatly discounted full tan for $15 and all the proceeds will go to the school.

If your not into tanning we will be accepting donations as well for the Hope School.

We will have our Strongman workout for the guys, Beautifully Bronzed Tanning for the ladies and BBQ and fun for everyone, rain or shine.

Saturday, October 1

Some of Our People

 Bret working on "Old Man" Grip strength

 Chris is one of the hardest working athletes we have.

 Evan, Killin it.

 Sindy, is part of our "Top Secret" program. Being released in November.

"Just a little longer mom".
Our 9am class is very kid friendly.