Tuesday, April 22

Old Faces

How about this box dad?


Fred, always a pleasure to have you come by.

Trish going for her ride.


Just some random pictures we have of some of the things we do.

Thank You to all our members and friends.

New Faces

She was on the winning team this last Saturday.


Doing some extra "Core" work. Always motivated.


Doing some ring dips. "Only 49 more to go".


The Fireman doing some Ninja push ups. He had the best time of the day.


Logging her workout, as all should do.

These are some of the new faces you will be seeing around the gym, so give them a warm welcome like you always do.

Sunday, April 20


Dawn doing some OHS's

Greg doing pull ups.

This is Nick he is leaving us to go play football in Texas (AFL2). He is a tremendous athlete and is going to do some great things down there. We look forward to seeing him again this summer during the off season as well as during the playoffs against the SHOCK.


This past Saturday we had quite a few people show up to work out and 5 of them cam for the team workout. We had a guys vs girls challenge: Joe and Brandon vs Haily, Trisha and the new Angela. The WOD was as a team run 800m, 200 pull ups, 300push ups, 400 sit ups, 500 squats, run 800m (the cals are cumulative as a team). The runs were together and for the guys only one person could be working out at an given time and for the girls two of the three could be working out at any given time. Sadly the guys lost this one by about 30 seconds, but they only had two people and only one exercising at one time.

Thursday, April 17

Team work

CrossFit Coeur d' Alene at the park during the nice weather.
Sully finishing a long 120lb tire drag. WOD for time-1/2 BW overhead carry 1/4 mile, 1/2 BW sandbag carry 1/2 mile, 3/4 BW sled drag 1/4 mile.

Aaron working the tire.

Mike coaching Jake and Jasmine.

We would like to try and have a big group workout on Saturday. If you are interested please come by 10:30 to warm up and get ready, we will be doing some type of team competition (2-4 man teams), if enough people show up.

Wednesday, April 16

Muscle and Fitness

May 2008 issue of Muscle and Fitness

Our group for Spokane's annual MS walk (Trisha, Joe, Haily, Mike, Angela, Brooklyn, Kayla and Lauryn also Jessie, Gilly and Jon (junk) not shown). Thank you to everyone it was a cool time.

Check out the new article about CrossFit in The latest issue of Muscle and Fitness (that's right Muscle and Fitness). They did a great article and would actually recommend buying this issue. For all of the loyal CrossFitters out there this could be the end of our little secluded club. Every big box gym in the country will know about CrossFit now (which is good), but what kind of spin will they put on it is the question? You will most likely see every personal trainer doing some sort of CrossFit training with their clients, if they're not already. Don't fear, our little gym will still be the same regardless of what happens out there.


Video from Petranek fitness

Sunday, April 13


Paul. "Can I get a ride"

Andrew flipping and dragging. What fun.


Chris, during the "GET SOME" WOD. You should try it its fun



It has been another good week here. A couple of more members, some good weather, good times and great workouts. This week I plan on jumping back on the ZONE diet again. I had fallen behind the last couple of weeks and boy can I feel the difference. If anyone is interested in starting, I would like to start a kind of support group or ZONE team to show how it really can change your performance and life style. I want to post a board at the gym to put up any comments about your ZONE experience. We would also love to hear any of your ideas. Summer is coming so get ready to do something great this season and challenge yourself with something new and different (like climbing a mountain).

Thankyou to all of our members we appreciate you very much.

Wednesday, April 9


Mount Adams.
We will be (hopefully) making a trip up Mount Adams sometime in June/July time frame. The trip will take about three days round trip and should be a good challenge physically and mentally. The climb is nontechnical enough for the novice climber, but will require a good amount of fitness to succeed safely. Any members interested let me know.

This is a shot from our USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification a few months ago. Shown here, CrossFit Mt. Baker, Spokane, Couer d'Alene and Bellingham (Jogo Gym).
It's been a while since our last post and we are very sorry. We have a whole laundry list of reasons why, but no good excuses.
We have been increasingly more and more busy which is GREAT and look forward to working with all our new members. As the weather gets warmer we will be trying o get people to try for our various levels of fitness (Basic, Advanced, Elite and Mutant). Take a look at the level sheets in the gym and see what level you can go for. You will have 30 days to complete each of the physical tasks for the level to our standard/satisfaction (no freebies), good luck and start training your weaknesses.
When summer arrives we will be making some changes with regards to allowing kids in the gym. We will be having set times for parents who have to bring the kids.

Friday, April 4

We apologize

We are very sorry for the delay on updating the site. Our internet has been broken, but now it is fixed so we will be on top of it now.
Just a reminder: Sunday at 9:30am we will be meeting up at Spokane Falls Comm. College to do the "Walk for MS." We will be walking as team Crossfit Spokane, so wear your t-shirt if you have one. Bring a small (or large) donation if you can. Look forward to seeing you there!