Wednesday, August 25

Unhealthy Parents

My girls.

The girls had a triathlon this past weekend at the Air Force base, which was a lot of fun for them. One thing I noticed while I was there is how many kids were competing as compared to the adult one just a few weeks earlier; there must have been 50 -60 kids as compared to the 20 or so at the adult one (which Angela won by the way). There were more than a few overweight parents cheering on their little athlete while sipping on a 500 cal "Latte". Next time you are at the park or play ground check out the parents vs the kids. What I think you"ll see is happy active kids with overweight parents sitting on the sideline setting the example. I guess my point is how can we expect the child weight, health, activity and type II diabetes problem to get better when the parents aren't even setting a good example.
Unhealthy parents don't make healthy kids.

If you have time watch the video he makes some good points.

Our youth fitness program is coming soon.

Thursday, August 19

End of Summer Fun!

Well, I know, I don't even want to metion it, but summer is comming to an end. We need to get everyone together for some BBQ fun! No wod involved, just some good time of eating and playing.:) We will be letting you know when and where in the next couple days, so keep your eyes open.

Monday, August 16

Race Day

Angela and Alyssa competed in the Wunder Women Triathlon in Medical Lake this Sunday.
They both did very well and had a great time racing. The bulk of their training was done at CrossFit Spokane with some biking and a little swimming here and there. Training with CrossFit Spokane will allow you do things you never thought possible.
Great Job Ladies!

Oh No, is he done?

BAMM!!! Not a chance.

Pat worked ridiculously hard during this workout. It was awesome.

Friday, August 13

Oly cert anyone?

Snatch anyone?
We will be hosting a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Cert at CrossFit Spokane November 13 and 14th.
Click the link below for info and registration.



Video of the WEEK.

Mike working hard during our "Triple Threat Challenge"
It's a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 11

Tuesday, August 10

Fitness, Training and Friends

Janessa "Check out these guns".

Leigh and Mike. Leigh is visiting from CrossFit 210 in San Antonio TX.

Owen Duff, World record holer for the 1 mile Bomb Suit Run.