Monday, February 25


We would like to welcome Mark to our gym, I expect great things from him.

Val getting prepped for the Bear Crawl, she is very cool.

Christmas from CrossFit Coeur d'Alene climbing one of our ropes (cool picture effects).

Derek from CrossFit Coeur d'Alene gets ready for a swim at the hotel pool, post certification (nice watch Derek).

This last weekend we were in Pullman getting our USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification. When we arrived it was a nice surprise to see a good CrossFit showing. There was CrossFit Spokane,CrossFit Coeur d'Alene, JOGO Gym (CrossFit Bellingham) and Mount Baker CrossFit, all together CrossFit made up half the class. In the industry of strength and conditioning/training a coach's/trainer's continuing education is paramount in keeping them up to date and constantly improving as a professional.

Thursday, February 21

Doin' the Bear

Justin at the top of "the bear"

Katon learning the windmill
Jason doing a "bottoms up press"
This was the first full week we have had the Shock in to train with us and all is going well. We have had about 10 or so of the players in and everyone has been busting their butt. Our goal for these guys is functional strength and overall work capacity. They are strong and they are fast, but we want them to be strong and fast when they are tired and winded. Come fourth quarter of the championship game the team that has trained the hardest, made the biggest commitment and put forth the greatest effort as a team will be the champions. These guys doing CrossFit is a step in the right direction.
Give the SHOCK WOD a try
(squat clean[from floor], thruster, back squat, thruster=1)
1st 20 W/ 135lb
2nd 20 W/ 115lb
last 10 W/ 95lb

Thursday, February 14

Hug a soldier/Airman/Marine

Jaggo's hands post 100 pullup for time. This can happen without proper build up and addaptation to the kipping pullup.

Tyler the bottom of a bar Muscle up during the newest "HERO" workout (NATE). It's a tragedy that one of Americas warriors had to die, but he did it protecting us and the freedoms we have as Americans; the least we could do is honor him by doing his workout. As many rounds in 20min of 2 muscle ups, 4 handstand push ups and 8 72lb kettle bell swings.

The best for our gym was 20rounds in 20min with 53lb KB swings.

Tyler mid bar muscle up.

Tylor at the top of the bar muscle up.

Justin, the AFL2 Spokane SHOCK's QB, doing some grip training post WOD. We had 3 of the SHOCK in tonight and they all did great job with the warm up and workout. If the whole team works as hard as these 3 did tonight they will easily be AFL2 champions once again.

We have had several comments, over the last couple of weeks, on the fact that we need a larger facility. We are well aware of that fact and will be looking to solve that problem ASAP. The only problem is that we are 6months into a 5 year lease. We are tremendously appreciative of the fact that our membership has grown so fast. We will continue to provide the best quality training and the best value in the area to our members.

We are still planning to have another snow shoe trip with in the next couple of weeks (hopefully mid March or mid April), so if you missed the last one, you missed a good time. I would like to snow shoe to a hot spring next time, so let us know if you would be interested.

Wednesday, February 13

The SHOCK are coming

Starting tomorrow we will be having some new faces around the gym over the next couple of months. We would like to welcome the Spokane SHOCK (AFL2 2006 champions) to our facility. We will be assisting the SHOCK (along with the Rockwood Clinic, speed/agility) this year with the strength and conditioning in hopes of being the most dominant team on the field this 2008 season. So, help us welcome them and try not too show them up to bad during the WODs (they are new to CrossFit).

Sunday, February 10

Let the snow melt!

John getting set for some push presses

Mike doing "linda" as rx'd (BW 190)

Sully showing us a great OHS

Shanna catching her breath before moving on. Right now she and her husband are in Cabo soakin' up some rays. We miss you Shanna and Justin. Hope you are getting in some Crossfit while you're there!:)

It has been another great week, with five new members! The temperature is rising a bit and the snow is starting to melt. Hopefully all the big snows are gone, so don't have any more problems leaving our house and getting to the gym. I think we are all getting a little spring fever and ready to get outside for some running workouts again.

Thursday, February 7

Road closures

We made it into Spokane! So we are up and running for the evening session.

Wednesday, February 6

The news

This is Lisa, she is one of our newer members here she is doing some wallballs.

Tanner learning the Over Head Squat, he joined the CrossFit family this week.

Angela doing the Turkish Get Up; look at those Abs.

This is Matt Rogers from KHQ channel 6 givng the slosh pipe a try, I think he got 2 OHS (barely) with questionable form.

Tuesday morning we had Matt Rogers from KHQ channel 6 come in and do a little interview at the gym. It went good and we appreciate them taking the time to come and see us; hopefully it will spread the word about CrossFit around town. There is a link to it on and I am trying to figure out how to link to our site.

NEW HOURS on Saturday


Saturday, February 2


Brad first WOD, sucking wind and pressing on.

Brad after a couple of months, finishing the WOD and asking for more. Brad just recently started the Zone Diet, so look for more "after "picture in the coming months. (committed)
We continue to grow and grow as the word about the quality of our training spreads. We have had some of our members see tremendous success in their journey to better health, fitness and lifestyle (better choices). We believe the service we offer is the best anywhere and the best value; however,” you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". Be careful of false promises and quick fixes. In the end you are the one who has to do the work and make the sacrifices to achieve your goals, what ever they may be (fitness, life, personal...). We have the best members of any gym in town and we can prove it, just spend some time with us and you will see the difference; when was the last time 4,5,8,10 people greeted you within the first 60 seconds (by your first name) when you walked into your gym to workout and then cheered you on. We are extremely grateful to all our members and thank you for allowing us to do what we do, coach.

Friday, February 1