Friday, August 24

Another week

The new records board

Shane at the beginning of the tire flip and jump. "You only have to flip then jump in and out 50 times, piece of cake."

Shane during the tire flip and jump. "Come on Shane only 25 more"

Shane at the end of the workout with a great time. "What a monster"

Here is Brooklyn's first squat. Look at her form and how deep she naturally goes down , most adults could not get anywhere close to this without some serious practice and time. Believe it or not she has had no formal training. "She's a natural"

Well it's been a good week at the new place. We have had some good hard fun workouts and everyone seems to be enjoying the new open space. I know I do. We look forward to many new clients and friends and some good workouts as the weeks come. We are slowly trying to improve the gym. We have put up a records board for all to see, we also are getting a couple of bids to have two showers installed, so if you know anyone who is cheap or would like a membership for some work let us know. After the seminar last weekend I got motivated to start the ZONE diet this week and it seems to be going well, hard, but well. With out really trying I have lost about five pounds and a little bit of energy, but once I get this thing dialed in all will be AWESOME. For more info about the ZONE diet and a CrossFiters experience checkout CROSSFIT ONE WORLD's site and read Freddy's daily log.

To all our members, keep up the good work we appreciate all of you and love having you guys as part of the CrossFit family.

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jay said...

Hey guys, I hope things are going well for you in the new bldg.Going to try and stop by this next week. Never thought I would miss getting my butt kicked but I do miss the WOD. Anyway hope to see you soon..Jay