Tuesday, July 28

Best gym in Spokane

Kelsey's shirt says it all.


Doreen cruising on the treadmill during a WOD.

Donell mid burpee. She is also a great hairstylist, check out Koi Salon .

Shawn is using CrossFit to improve his cycling and having great success.

Janelle hydrating after a WOD.

Erik from KXLY channel 4 came by for about 3 hrs to broadcast from our gym. We don't have any video because it was a live broadcast, but we should be able to get something soon. Thanks Erik, KXLY and everyone who made out at 4:30am. We all had a good time and a great workout.

Mary is motivated and always ready to work hard.

Mari always smiling:)

Brandon's Bench press clinic during the Sunday "Titan" class.

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