Tuesday, September 7

Strongman Training

Some of our Strongman stuff: Stones, Log, Ropes, Kettlebells, HEAVY Dumbells (150lb), Sandbags, Yoke...

John working on the "Gun Show"

Liz getting in on some of the fun with the "Yoke and Kids" carry.

John working the 200lb stone.

Bret warming up with the log bench press.

Last week we broke out and were messing around with some of the Strongman equipment. If you want to change things up or work on your "functional strength" lifting odd objects and using Strongman equipment will help. Not to mention it's a lot of fun. Using a perfectly balanced barbell can get you strong, but this type of training has the potential to get you "Freaky" Strong; if you train with it and implement it the right way.
If you train with us (CrossFit Spokane) your in luck because we have everything you would ever need. If you don't just look for some of the objects around your gym listed in the first picture.

Here are top 10 indicators that you DON'T train at a serious or hardcore gym
(no particular order).

  • -There are more machines than free weights
  • -No chalk
  • -No music or worse Easy listening
  • -Sign "Don't drop the weights"
  • -Not one object heavier than 100lbs (not including the machines)
  • -1 or less lifting platform
  • -They have a "Cardio Room"
  • -TV's everywhere
  • -Nothing looks used
  • -They offer classes that have "Pump", "Blaster" or "Abs" in the name

If your gym has 3 or more you don't train at a serious or hardcore gym.
Come see us ASAP!

If you are a lady and are a little intimidated or not sure if what we do is right for you (it is right for you), we have a WOMENS only class Tues and Thurs nights.
Contact us for more info

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