Monday, May 26


We thank the members of the Air Force Survival School for coming and supporting this event.
All 7 teams getting ready to start.
Total of 28 people.
Drop and give me 300.

Part of the group working hard.

Here is Derek, co-owner of CrossFit CDA who came to join us today. Yes, that is a broken foot and he somehow managed to do the entire workout with it!!To include box jumps and wall balls after going 2 miles on one leg. WOW!!!!

With a team of 4

2 mile run and ruck

300 pull-ups
300 KB swings
300 push-ups
300 box jumps
300 wall balls

-2 of the 4 man teams must carry the KB in a "Alice Pack" while running together.
-Only 2 of the 4 can do any of the "300 reps" at any given time (2 work 2 rest).

Today was our first annual Memorial Day HERO WOD "FENDER". If you weren't there you missed out on a great workout, a good time and a good opportunity to honor one of America's fallen HERO's. For me and many other people it was an emotional event and one CrossFit Spokane is grateful for. This day should be of remembrance and gratefulness of the hero's who payed the ultimate sacrifice and those who sacrifice everyday so you and I can do and say these types of things with freedom. Sometimes people may forget that, and only think of it as day off of work. Today, for me, it was more than a day off.

Thank you to the Fender family for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Everyone at CrossFit Spokane


Derek said...

I think it was the least we could do to honor Fender for his sacrifice. Thanks to Ellen, Mike, and Angela for allowing us the opportunity to pay our respect.

Ellen said...

Thank you Mike, Angela and the rest of my Crossfit Family, I wouldn't have missed it. You Honored LLythaniele in only the way Crossfit can!! I'll never forget it! With Respect and Love, Ellen