Tuesday, August 11

Paleo Updates

So after only a couple of days into the Paleo Challenge it sounds as though most of you are going strong! Keep it up!

I just want to mention that periodically I will be putting some handouts, recipes/links to, and other information on the Paleo in the binder for you to pick up. It will be in the file labeled "Misc Handouts". Feel free to take them for your own use.

I understand that when you are first starting off on the Paleo that meals seem to quickly get "boring". I understand, I was there once. But I encourage you to use your imagination! Here is a great example. I found this long ago; it's simple and quick, but is a great example of how to switch things up and create "interesting" food:)

Scrambled Egg Cucumber Sandwich

One large cucumber (cut one end off and hollow inside out with a butter knife)
Create some scrambled eggs with onions, chives, pepper, etc.

Stuff the cucumber and there you go! I only picked this one because it is really simple and quick. There are sooooooo many recipes out there for every meal! You could literally have a different meal every single time this entire month if you wanted to! So stay tuned on this blog and also in the Paleo binder for more to come. Feel free to throw any in the comments if you have found a good one. Until next time for those on the Challenge...stay strong, stay Paleo:)


tonybond said...

Do you take the yolks out of your eggs before you scramble them?

Patrick H said...

Brandon - Is it ok to drink your fruits and vegetables? Having a glass of OJ or V8 with a meal is an easy way to get some of your fruit/veggies carbs.