Thursday, August 13

New class time

Jennet and Brandon are having fun carrying heavy things.

This is the old Carlos.
You should see the new Carlos! Check him out it's free.
Starting September 1st the 8am and 9am class will be changed to 8:30am and 9:30am. If we keep growing like we have been then there may be a 7:30am class soon too. Don't forget the 5:30 am class too, we had our biggest one yet last Wednesday.
If you have nothing to do from 4:30 am - about 8am KXLY 4 will be here to talk about Brayson's Krav Maga Spokane. The best self defense system/style/class in Spokane. We would love to see you. Stop by .any time during those times and say HI. "We'll Make You Famous"


Spokane Razorbacks said...

Hey Guys,

On the crossfit affiliate page is a link to the firefighter-crossfit story from last month. I sent the link in to crossfit a couple weeks ago.


Pat W said...

I hope that 7:30 gets going... the switch to 8:30 is going to make coming in as often a little more difficult.

enotswhat said...

did i hear a 5:30 class?

Patrick said...

august 13th last update? come on really!