Wednesday, October 28

Some announcements!

First off, we apologize for the decline in posts. We all have been really busy and are also in the process of having a new website put together so our focus has been on that; but we will be starting to get them going again! The new site should be up shortly and with all of the things it will offer it will definitely be constantly worked on bit by bit. Until then, we would like to share a few things that have been happening.

First, our very own Jenni Neiman has just recently gotten back from her Level One Trainer Course! Congrats Jenni!

Second, Gabe just found out he successfully passed the Bar exam...impressive Gabe!

Third, we want to remind you all that this Saturday we are holding a Halloween WOD, so come on in at the regular time wearing your costume and be prepared to do a WOD in it! Best costume gets a prize!

And last, if you have not filled out a Billing Agreement yet, make sure to get in and fill one out before Friday to ensure everything runs smoothly for November!

So, like mentioned earlier, we will be getting that new website up soon and getting back to more regular posting. Have a great holiday weekend and try to not eat too many of those non-Paleo treats!:)

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