Monday, November 2

Halloween and Notice for gym closure this weekend

The Crew, Halloween 09
Rowing, pulling, the best of fashion

Ab Rollers...Lady Bug style:)

You Should have seen them doing Jumping Squats, with their wings they looked like they were about to take flight!

Speachless, I don't even know what to say about this one

The Lady Bug's were in full force!

The Run Away Bride getting her dress ready

Hip Extensions can be a real Killer!:)

Well we had a pretty good turnout this past Saturday for our Halloween WOD. Costumes were great; we had ladybugs, some "blast from the past" attire, cats, cheerleaders, ghosts, a run away bride and then there was the costume! Well actually it really wasn't me, but it was. I never realized how we each kinda have our own style when it comes to WOD attire, but Jon made me realize that I do. He showed up in running shoes, black socks, board shorts, gym shirt, trucker hat, Ipod on arm and coffee in hand....later he even went for a jog with my boy Ben. Everyone, myself included, was surprised that it really did look like me:) Great job Jon, enjoy that prize this winter!

We also want to give notice for this coming weekend. We will be closed for our normal operating hours because our gym is hosting a USAW Sports Performance Coaches Course that will run both Saturday and Sunday. So, I bet you all can guess what we're gonna say next...get out while the weather is still good and move something odd, heavy, and do it many times. Send us a pic to our yahoo account and we'll make ya famous the next blog post!:)

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