Tuesday, February 22

Your Progress

John working hard on a single arm overhead sit-up.

If your not continually making progress year after year you might want to question your programing or workout routine. Have you been at the same weight or time on a specific movement or event? Granted the higher level of fitness and strength you are the smaller and slower the gains will be, but there should still be gains and improvements coming.

For the young/novice lifters, crossfitters or athletes the progress should be huge the first few months and years. Basically if you don't workout any activity done constantly will yield some improvement and any bone head can put something together and see improvement for an untrained person, but the real sign of a good program is improvement year after year regardless of the level. Our athletes are continually make huge gains year after year, so where are yours at?

Videos from the week

Brian knocking out 305lbs for 8 solid reps and he makes it look easy.

Tyler squating 225lbs for 30reps.

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