Friday, February 11

Personal Progress

We are the BEST and most complete training facility in Spokane.
Motivated and intense

Our GU gals can do some amazing things. They are awesome to train and work with. Very coachable, as any good athlete should be. Thanks ladies we appreciate you.

Check out Zach, tonight is the first time EVER he has been able to touch his toes w/ the basic hurdle stretch.

Also we are are a few weeks away from him being able to dunk a basketball, he is ssooo close. Check back, we'll keep you posted.

John is simple amazing.

The progress he has made even astounds me. I swear we have added a least five-ten productive and active years to this mans life in just a few months of training with us. Just ask him. I wish I had videoed his first time in w/ us you would be amazed at where he is at today compared to then. He is a different person.

A Friday night at CrossFit Spokane (tonight).

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