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Youth Sports Nutrition

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 Cassidy "The Worlds Greatest Intern" working hard on the "Zercher" Carry

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Nutrition is the foundation to any successful athlete and most people simply don’t understand the importance let alone provide themselves or their children with the proper nutrition needed to maximize performance and recovery. Nutrition for young athletes doesn’t have to be complicated, however it is important. When it comes to nutrition and performance there are 3 main factors that will help your young athlete performance and success.

1 Healthy eating,

This is kind of a no brainer. Most people know that we should eat healthy and they probably have some concept of good vs bad foods. The bad part is that most people simply don’t make the wise choices and more importantly the wise choice for their children and hard training athletes. If you eat healthy they eat healthy.

2 Nutritional timing,

There is a lot of evidence that shows proper nutritional timing has a huge benefit to hard training athletes; your young athlete is no different; particularly pre and post nutrition. Pre nutrition should come 1-2 hrs prior to hard training or an athletic event and post nutrition should be immediately after. A good simple post workout drink is low fat chocolate milk. In addition, they should eat regularly balanced meals throughout the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner and some healthy snacks. Minimize the BAD FOOD.

3 Water

This is simple, DRINK WATER. It’s cheep, it’s necessary and you’ll perform better, recover better and feel better when your well hydrated. No sport drinks, WATER.

Nutrition is very important; it is the foundation of top athletic performance regardless of the age, level or ability. Why would you not provide your future star with optimal nutrition they need to succeed?

If you have any questions or would like more guidance with off season, preseason, in season, training or nutrition guidance for your athlete we can help.

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