Tuesday, April 3

The girls of CF Spokane

Here they are some of the girls of CF Spokane after the 3 1/2 mile Fools Day run and midnight on April 1. Some other girls of ours that made the run, but are not shown are Tanya and Keriann. They both finished the run, but failed to tell us they were running it (call anytime ladies). We are very proud to have all the people with us and thankful that they willing to run at midnight wearing our t-shirts. Other than Mike there were no men from our gym there, I guess they were not up to the challenge. We will be having another event for charity on Memorial Day, so stay tuned for the details, it will be a 4 man team event.

for max weight
split jerks 1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1
after a few warm up sets work your way up to a 1 rep max for the last 3-4 sets

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