Sunday, April 22

We need your help with the Trevor Win’E Memorial Fund

Army SPC Trevor Anthony Win’E who was killed in action near Mosul, Iraq May 1st, 2004.
We would greatly appreciate everyones participation and/or donations for this event.

Thank you,
Mike and Angela Gerry

The Event
Simultaneously on Memorial Day 2007 teams from CrossFit Spokane and Fairchild AFB will join other teams of elite athletes from other CrossFit Gyms, Fire Departments, and Military Units from around the nation and world in performing a workout to raise funds for cooling vests to be donated to US troops. Each four person team will pay an entry fee of $160 which purchases and ships one cooling vest to a member of the US Military currently deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Memorial Fund is in memory of Army SPC Trevor Anthony Win’E who was killed in action near Mosul, Iraq May 1st, 2004.
The Workout
The teams of four persons will share the work in a timed event to complete:
300 Pull ups
400 Push ups
500 Sit ups
600 Squats
Team divisions include:
CrossFit affiliates, Military, Fire & Law Enforcement Departments, and Open.
Top fundraisers will be eligible for donated gym equipment.
Top five team times will receive CrossFit T-shirts
The Vests
In the summer, temperatures in Iraq can reach upwards toward 120-140 degrees and our troops work all day in extremely dangerous settings attired in combat uniforms and full body armor. The cooling vests are specially designed vests to be worn under helmets and body armor. The military does not yet provide these to our troops.
The Trevor Win’E Memorial Fund
The Trevor Win’E Memorial Fund is a non-profit charitable organization which has as its purpose to raise funds to purchase and donate cooling vests (which are called respectfully “Trevor’s Vests”) for our troops operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fund was established by Trevor’s parents, Rick and Debi Win’E to honor Trevor’s memory by providing some comfort to US Military members still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fund raisers have occurred around the nation in every setting from volleyball matches in New York State elementary schools and in local service clubs to fire departments including the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) in California and the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY). To date these “grass roots” efforts have raised over $200,000 and purchased approximately 1800 vests which have been sent to our troops.

For more information
Trevor Win’E Memorial Website -

Hang clean and jerks (heavy)
5x5 reps then 5x3 reps
Core circuit

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