Sunday, October 19

We need to wake up

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Hot cocoa in hand.
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my daughters soccer and cheer leading games. While we were at this athletic event for children (which is great), I had noticed that many of the parents of these kids were overweight and some close to being classified as obese. With some of the larger families (4,5,6 family members) you could see the progression of overweightness and unhealthiness from youngest to oldest. At what point in your life do you say enough. Is it when you have one of many chronic illnesses, you struggle to take a flight of stairs, your knees back or hips hurt from the weight, at what point do you say enough. Perhaps when you see your kids feeling the same effects you are accept 10,15 or 20 years sooner. Maybe it's the food, video games, TV/Internet and the need to be entertained by something right NOW, as apposed to using your mind or body (go outside) and maybe it's the parents example as well!
Things to ask yourself.
Do you find yourself waiting for the closes parking spot?
Do you eat till your full/stuffed?
Do you have snacks in the closet "for the kids"?
Do you watch the kids or do you play with the kids?
Do you set the example for your kids?

If you have kids watch this.
I could have not said it better!

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Derek said...

I see the same stuff at our gymnastics place. The parents will sit there for 2 hours and watch their kid, but when asked they won't even try a FREE workout next door! Sad!