Wednesday, October 8

CF Games

Carlos done.

George doing some extra core work.

Julienne weighted sit-up.

Tim coming in from a run.

Some of our new equipment.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, it's been hectic the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless we have been growing and are getting better everyday. If you haven't noticed we got some new equipment in : 3 bars, 4 squat stands, an adjustable jump platform, Sorinex "Land Mine", a massive GHD, another rower, 200sq ft of black mat and coming soon more pull-up bars.
Just as a heads up, we would like to sponsor a couple of CrossFit Spokane athletes to go to the CrossFit games next year and represent us. We will be asking for some help from our CrossFit Spokane family, so we will keep you posted.

A great clip about our military.

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A.E. said...

Mike & Angela,

I miss you guys and Crossfit Spokane SO much! I've moved to Seattle and I'm happily working out at Foundation CrossFit, so you'll need to come check us out when you're in the area. It's a VERY small gym, but a lot of fun. Congrats on all the improvements--the gym looks truly amazing. I hope all is well!

~Ashley from GU