Wednesday, November 12

Auto Payments

Mark working hard!
Welcome Randy, who has been with us a couple weeks now and is showing us some great enthusiasm.

Marissa always shows up with a smile on her face.

Brian another one of our firefighters from Spokane Valley fire department.

We are now set up for auto payments, see Mike or I when you come in next and we can set you up. If anyone is interested in getting a discount, we offer 6 month and 1 year contracts on the auto payment program, and if you are not interested in that you can still do month to month on it too.
On our last post we mentioned about the nutrition seminar with Sean Croxton, (Underground wellness). After speaking with him, it sounds like the beginning of January would be the best time, please post to comments and let us know if we still have plenty of interest.

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boogie72 said...

Let me know when you are doing the nutrition seminar. I'll make the trip up to see you. Thanks.
Mark Boogie