Monday, November 24


Mike (Valley Fire) focusing on a slosh pipe hold. Excellent core stabilization exercise.

Jodi learning the medicine ball clean.

Monica always smiling, even doing 100 double unders.

Bret done.
If you trained like this at a globo gym they would call the medics or ask you to not come back.

Mike and Brandon discuss the game plan for the team WOD.

As a team of 2
-200m tire flip w/400-500lb tire (jump in jump out each flip)
-200 KB swings (70lb KB)
-200 ring push ups
-200 floor wipers
-200 double unders


We will be playing football this Saturday at 9am at the park across from North Town Mall. Look for the flyer in the gym for more specific info, but if something changes we will post it here.
Just a little reminder that the holidays are close which usually means more food, so pay attention to what you are eating. it is extremely easy to over eat as well as eat too many processed foods (any processed food is too many). All our members work too hard to sabotage their progress from a couple of days/weeks of holiday treats. So go light on the mashed potato's and stuffing and stay active if you are away from the gym for a few days. Let us know if you need some ideas for workouts while away.

We will be having our Christmas party Saturday December 20th at about 6pm. We our not sure of the location yet we are researching a couple of options as far as cost and availability. We will keep you posted as we get closer, so mark your calender. Last years as a lot of fun, so we expect this year to be bigger and better.


If you eat to much and feel tired, but still want to train, try this.

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