Thursday, December 18

Snow, snow and more snow!

Due to the incredible amount of snow over the last 36 hours, the horrible conditions on the interstate and on the main roads in Spokane, we have decided to keep the gym closed for today. Please check back later this evening for any updates and if you do have to leave to go anywhere today, PLEASE DRIVE SAFE!

Now, that being said, this doesn't mean that every one of us can't keep up with our disciplined training and get a WOD in today. So get out there and get some functional fitness in! We're sure that there is more than enough snow to keep you busy shoveling all day! But how creative can you get? Igloos? Monster snowmen? 10x10 foot walls? Take a few pics and send 'em to us! And if your inclined to stay inside as much as possible, there's nothing quite like 100 Burpees for time!:)

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