Wednesday, December 17


Despite the bad weather we will be open regular hours Thursday and Friday, but keep checking the site for updates.

We are still planning on having Sean Croxton in for a seminar sometime in January or February, so stay tuned. The price will be $75 for the day and will be worth every penny. If you want in early let us know.

We have also been planning for a two day seminar with Rob Shaul from Mountain Athlete sometime in March or April. This guy knows his stuff. Think of a mixture of Mark Twight (Gym Jones), CrossFit (Greg Glassman) and Mike Boyle rolled into one. This is a two day weekend seminar (You will learn a lot). The price is $500 for the two days of training and again it will be worth every penny. When it comes up, you can sign up at his site however, space will be limited to keep the best possible student instructor ratio (learning outcome).

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