Wednesday, February 25

This Is What Happens When Dogs CrossFit

Okay, not really, but I was just shown this picture the other day and I had to post it! I first thought that it was fake, but upon further investigation, I found the following article explaining what is going on with "Big Wendy" the whippet. Interesting.

Also, remember that this Saturday is the 2nd Annual CrossFit Spokane Snowshoe Trip. If you plan on coming, make sure to grab a gear list at the gym ASAP so you can make sure to get everything (You want to make sure that you can rent snowshoes in enough time if you don't have them; REI is a great place to go).

Hopefully lots of you will be able to make it! Check back soon for confirmation on whether or not there will be a normal Saturday class. If not, we will have a home WOD posted for those of you unable to make it on the trip.

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