Wednesday, December 22


Melani and Mike have a great time going through our baseline process.
If you are interested in getting started read here.

John came to us a few months ago and had all kinds of mobility issue, which stemmed from being a farmer and sitting on a tractor daily for long periods of time. He has come so far by just doing simple movement exercises; just a few days ago he was able to do a full workout which included 2x25 burpees. Not too bad for an "old timer"

Here is Mark doing a simple movement to improve shoulder mobility (Shoulder Pass Throughs).


I can't over state the importance of a good warmup which includes simple mobility and corrective exercises within it. Doing a little each day will go along way for performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Each day we begin our workouts with various drills to correct and improve common movement pattern issues. More to come on what we do at CrossFit Spokane.

We have several programs to fit anyone.

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