Thursday, December 30

New Year Resolution's

About 80% of America will have a New Year resolution, but very few will follow through with it till the end or even start. I'll bet a high percentage of those 80% will be either debt/budget stuff or health and fitness related (exercise, eat right, lose 15lbs...). We can't help you with your finances other than stopping you from waisting your money on "Big box" gyms with long term contracts and personal trainers who claim to have the "magic system" (D-bags).

We can help you lose weight, get strong and make the life-style change necessary to maintain a healthy active life. We have a few guidelines to follow if you chose to make health and fitness your New Year resolution; with or without our help.

1. Nutrition comes first.
-Pick an eating plan that you can stick with and FOLLOW IT. This is the foundation of a healthy life-style.

2. Come up with realistic training, fitness and weight lose goals (We can help you with this)
- Keep in mind, losing 2-3lbs of fat a week is a healthy rate to lose about 7000-10000 cal deficit per week.

3. Have fun!!!
-If you don't have fun or enjoy it you won't stick with it, so find something or someone your comfortable working with.

4. Recovery is key (Your muscles recover and grow when you sleep not when you train)

-Sleep 7-8hrs each night or ,if possible, try to take naps during the day (15-20min will recharge you)

Videos from the week

Betty, kicking @$$ at the Hanging Power Clean.

This guy works HARD.

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