Saturday, December 18

New CrossFitters

Tools of any great gym.

Every gym should have serious training athletes.
Dan, working hard on some Turkish Get Ups.

Pregnant and still working hard.

Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial to momma and baby and shouldn't be overlooked. However take it slow and check with your doctor prior to starting
There must be something in the water, we have several new CrossFitters on the way. Congratulations to Corina and Aaron, they have a new baby girl (picture soon).


We are experimenting with the site and will be adding more to it over the next few weeks, so keep checking back for updates. I have also began to work on a nutrition blog that will bring you the best recipes and articles from around the web to one place. This will make it easy to find healthy recipes, quick snacks and good info regarding the most important aspect of health, fitness and performance NUTRITION. If you have some great foods you would like to share you can send them to us and we will post them.

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