Saturday, January 8

A Good Warm Up

You should never underestimate the value of a good warm up. The warm up should serve a couple purposes:1) Raise the core temperature 2) Loosen and warm up muscles and joints through a full ROM 3) Stimulate and prepare the nervous system for the work ahead 4) Practice and work on the best form you can for the given movement.

This warm up would be a good addition to your own program and/or clients program (for gym owners). If you have any comments, suggestions or modifications please post them or email us.


Video from the week.

If you have a 10-25lb weight plate, you could have a good functional warm up.


Up Coming Event

What -"Barley" WOD (workout will be posted at the gym and sent out in our News Letter (sign up)

When- Friday Jan. 14 (show up at 6:30pm)

Where- CrossFit Spokane

What to Bring- A minimum of 5 beers of your choice, workout clothes, water bottle and a DD

Who- Anyone is welcome (even rugby players) to come and cheer, but you must be 21 to play

Video from the last "Barley" WOD coming soon!

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