Thursday, January 6

Shoulder & Hip stablity ideas

Here are a few ways to use mini bands for a functional warm up. There is an equal amount of importance on joint mobility and stability. A joint with a lot of mobility and inadequate amount of stability is at risk of injury. Likewise, a joint with a lot of stability in the form of "tightness or ROM issues" is also at risk, typically because of improper alignment, posture or position from daily life or poor training habits.

These video's show some stability improvement ideas:

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Upper body stability ideas.

Lower body stability ideas: The "Monster walk".

We do a box pattern: 2x of 5 steps frontwards, left, right, backwards, in addition to some other preparatory movements.


Bryan training for CWU football.

Being quick requires a balance of stable and mobile joints, if you want to perform at your max potential and stay injury free.


Amarant said...

If you notice joint misalignment or experience similar discomfort, there could be something wrong with your spine. I'd contact a chiropractor in this case, if I were you.

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Aadarsh said...

It's important to have steady intake of calcium and a constant workout around problem areas to have stable joints.