Tuesday, March 15

The CF Games

We will be a CrossFit Games Sectional judging affiliate. This week we will be doing a group "Games WOD" on Thursday 0930 and Saturday at 0900. If you are going to compete in the CrossFit Games this year this would be a good time for you to do the WOD with a group of people. Each week we will post the times and locaton of the "Games WOD" should anything change.

CrossFit affiliates in good standing may register on the Games website to host and validate athletes’ workouts. After the workout is published each Tuesday at 17:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), affiliates will decide if they have the equipment, space, and judging capability to host and validate that week's workout. Affiliates may register any time before Sunday at 17:00 PDT. The earlier an affiliate registers, the easier it will be for athletes to plan that week's workout at their gym.

Athletes who want to compete at a registered affiliate need to do the following:

  • Find an affiliate (once the competition is live after March 15, the Affiliate Search function will be available).
  • Read and understand the affiliate's schedule and fee structure (if any) that may be found on the Affiliate's Public Profile online.
  • Perform the workout at the affiliate's gym in accordance with their policies.
  • Submit your performance result online, and designate the chosen affiliate as the host for your workout. (Once the competition is live after March 15, the Submit a Score function will be available.)

Once athletes submit their scores online, they are instantly added to the leaderboard. The result is marked unofficial until validated by the host affiliate. Affiliates receive notifications of athletes' submissions and are required to validate or reject their submissions.

Affiliates who opt in (register) agree to the following:

  • Provide the space, equipment, judging, and schedule to the athletes who will be competing at their gym.
  • Validate each athlete's score as quickly as possible. After each athlete submits their result on the Games site, a notification goes out to the affiliate to validate or reject the result. Notifications are posted on the affiliate's home page on the Games site and, optionally, sent via email.
  • Track athletes' results from their gym so that the result submitted by the athlete on the Games site can be verified for accuracy.
  • Provide judges to validate competitor performances. A judge may only validate a single competitor at a time. A judge must be able to determine the proper range of motion and hold athletes to those standards. The affiliate determines who is qualified to judge. The legitimacy of the judging is the responsibility of the registered affiliate.

Affiliates may opt in for as many of the weeks as they choose. However, there is no obligation to opt in for any of the weeks. There is no limit on how many affiliates may opt in on a given week, provided they meet the standards presented.

Scheduling, fees, and other requirements for Open competitors are at the discretion of affiliate owners. Registered affiliates can make their Open events available or unavailable to anyone as they see fit. Open competitors must comply with the affiliate’s schedule and format, including fees.

Affiliates found deliberately cheating or manipulating the system will be de-affiliated.

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