Friday, March 18

Strong workouts = Strong people

Jeff works on his ROM for his squat.
The box gives him a consistent target for several reps and limits the depth until he is comfortable and able to go lower with decent form.

Cheryl and Lindsey rest, hydrate and stretch after the workout.

Today we had about 20 people participate in the CrossFit Game Regional Qualifier WOD. Each week we will be doing the WOD for that week as a big group. If you can't make it or would like to be judged prior let us know so we can arrange for someone to judge.

Note: In order to keep everything legitimate, fair and without question, CrossFit Spokane will have to judge your WOD to validate your time/score; we will not validate without.

Videos from the week

Mike doing a drop-set finisher with chains.

Log Press rope pull combo

Josh works on shouldering the stone.

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