Monday, September 5

Labor Day Foods to Avoid

Sean Croxton is a great resource for quality information when it comes to nutrition.  Check out his video about common "Health Foods"to avoid. 

We have a new weight lose program that will be beginning soon.  The program is currently going through a trial period and will be open to the people who are very overweight and ready to make the lifestyle change. It will have 3 days a week of training, some "homework" as well as nutritional guidance from a dietitian.  
One of our test subjects has lost almost 20lbs in the 1st month.

 Not everyone will be accepted or be ready for this program.

We will be closed for Labor day.


Martha said...

Curious to know what the diet is, but I guess I will find out soon enough!

CrossFit Spokane said...

Hey Martha, Thanks for the comment. To answer your question it's not a "Diet" it is an individualized meal plan that is basically just eating healthy food at the right times in the right portions. We can call it the "Be healthy, active and live a long time" diet. What do ya think:) See ya soon.

Martha said...

I think I like the "be healthy, active and live a long time" diet. ;)