Tuesday, October 11

Great Nutrition

No matter who you are or what your training goals are nutrition is going to be the foundation of your results and improvement, good or bad.  A good solid nutrition program will yield greater result and a poor nutrition program will yield poor results regardless of how hard you train.  You could have the best coach in the world with the best programing and mess all the effort up with bad nutrition.  Nutrition is 80% of working out.  One thing you can do is to think of food as a fuel and not for pleasure. 

Need nutritional guidance we can help.

 "If you want top fuel performance you need top fuel you can't just piss in the gas tank" Greg Glassman

For anyone looking for some good ideas and great recipes we recommend theprehistoricpalate.com. There you will find great tasting and most importantly healthy meals with Ingredients and instructions for each meal.  They are SO GOOD! It's hard to believe that its healthy and balance nutrition.

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