Monday, November 14

Get Stronger With Time Off

For most people whom are eager to build muscle, get stronger, burn fat or what ever physical change they are striving for, will believe that more is always better; more reps, more intensity, more volume, more training days. However, this is not always the case. Sure you want to train hard, but you have to train smart. 

Now there are many factors that going into an effective program that will illicit the most progress possible, but I want to touch on one factor that most people don't even think about or do until their bodies make them do it by way of injury and that is to Take Time Off.  What I mean is schedule in or program in "Deload" weeks throughout the year.

What is a "Deload" week?  It is a deliberate time off or away from the gym to allow your body (physiologically and psychologically) to recover from the hard training it has been going through. Have you ever been training hard for a long period of time and go away for a few days or a week (family, vacation...) to come back and feel stronger than before?  Why not take advantage?

I would recommend a "Deload" week every 8-12 weeks of consistently training.  If your messing around on a few machines or doing "Zumba Kick Boxing" at OZ fitness two days a week than this may not be necessary.  If you're on a more intense and structured strength program this may be the trick to you breaking through the plateau.

Winter Sports Conditioning Camp

(Get ready for Spring Sports)

Starting Now

M/W/F 630-730pm

This is a 2-3 day a week 1-1 ½ hr training session for middle school, high school and college athletes only. This program is for the athletes who are looking to make it to the next level: Varsity, All Conference, All State, College Starter, scholarship athlete, AFL/NFL… No weekend warriors or noncompetitive athletes allowed.

This is not your average weight room S&C program, this “Underground, Renegade, Dinosaur” style training. We utilize ropes, sleds, chains, bands, sandbags, body weight training, Olympic lifting, Strongman training… This program will make you bigger, stronger and more athletic, the kind of athlete that is noticed by coaches and is feared by competitors.

The other guys are doing the same old camps, weight room routines and conditioning programs; if you want to be a standout athlete and get to the next level, you need to do something different then your competition.


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