Wednesday, November 16

A Good Trainer?

What makes a good coach or training facility?

The market is flooded with gyms, personal trainers, and fitness and nutrition products. So how is one to know what they are getting when they begin training with a coach, trainer or at a gym? Basically, it comes down to the experience of the coach or trainer which will more often than not dictate the quality.

Not so good
Experience come from many contact hours with a lot of people, in various settings, using a variety of movements and equipment over the course of many years. You could find a trainer or coach with every certification and/or degree under the sun, but they may not know their ass from their elbow when it comes to instructing movements, being personable to the client, effectively coaching a group of people or even knowing the “why” of the exercises you are doing. Here is a test, ask them why they are having you do a certain movement, why is it done in this particular way and how it can be modified? "Because" is not a good answer.

UUHHH, not so good

While I was attending a Strength and Conditioning mentorship with Mike Boyle 2 years ago, I was introduced to the idea of “10,000 hours of practice”. There is a book written by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers. In his book Malcolm says that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Just so you have some reference to the volume of experience and training that is, one would have to dedicate 15hrs a week for 12yrs, 20hrs a week for 9 ½ years, 30hrs a week for 6 years or 40hrs a week for 4.8yrs. In the fitness or strength and conditioning field a trainer may have a certification or even better a 4 year degree. How many hours of experience is that? A 2 day weekend certification 12-16hrs, a 4 year degree 120 classroom hour, 240 internship hours; we are up to 376hrs of experience; that leaves 9,624 hour left.

 HOLLY CRAP, that's a big stone
So what is the point? The point is, are you getting what you paid for, hopefully experience and not just the shinny equipment. A great coach or trainer should have several “certs” but more importantly to you, experience.
Something to remember, a shinny new gym doesn’t correlate with good training, experience, knowledge or practice.

A perfect example of "Functional Stupidity", but a shinny gym.

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Crystal and Christina said...

And that is why I only come to you guys!!! You are amazing trainers, inspirational and motivational and always make sure I have correct form! Thanks for what you do and your killer WODs!

M. Waheed Iqbal said...

Good fitness trainer does not mean to have a good and loud voice or have a funny touch. Actually the balance is needed in this. Trainer must be serious about fitness and have a good temperament and commitment. Only a good committed trainer can motivate the client to get the results.
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Thea Colb said...
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Thea Colb said...
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Thea Colb said...

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