Saturday, August 9

Air Force Times

Brian doing some kettlebell tricks.

Janette and Brandon doing heavy bag carries during the WOD.

Angela coaching a fundamentals class. These classes are paramount in the success of each persons training. They lay foundation for quality training at CrossFit Spokane.

Today we say good by to Trisha who has been with us for about a year. She has been awesome to train her and have her as part of our CrossFit family. She is off to start her life and career elsewhere. One of her best accomplishments (in my opinion) was going from not able to do 1 pull up to being able to do almost 30. If you have ever seen her do pull ups she makes it look effortless.
Today we were at Water Front Park for Trisha's going away workout and barbecue. We first met Trisha here about 1 year ago for her first CrossFit WOD and today was her last (with us). There was a Blue Grass Festival, the air show at the Air Force base and nice weather, so it made for a great day. If you missed it you missed out.
There was a great article in the Air Force Times about CrossFit in the military
If you are in military or are entering soon CrossFit is the training program for you. Maybe someday it will be the standard for PT DoD wide.

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